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Written by: jemannie on 2010-09-26

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jemannie's review: Callout Comment I was only walking through Sears yesterday when I saw a huge clearance sale going on. I needed some more shirts for work so I picked out a few and went to checkout. The woman in front of me was applying for a card so I asked the cashier for an application. She handed me the Mastercard app but I told her that I prefered to try for the regular Sears card due to rebuilding and didn't want to push it too far. The woman in front of me was denied for the Sears Mastercard so of course I was a little nervous. Well I was denied for through Citibank but was approved for what I guess is an alternate card through HSBC instead. The cl is $400 and annual fee of $59. I'm not going to complain because about 6 to 7 months ago, I was denied altogether at Sears. This means my rebuilding is working!! Not so sure what my scores are at this time though. At the beginning of the month, TU & EX were in the high 500's & EQ was in the low 500. I make sure to pay my cards down to below a 25% balance every month so that my scores can keep increasing though. I'll update when I find out my scores and the rest of the info.


Comment 1 by rob72830
Re: Sears Solutions Mastercard User Icon on 2010-09-27

Remarks Congradulations!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Sears Solutions Mastercard User Icon on 2010-09-27

Remarks Congrats on your new start...!
Comment 3 by mrrob
Re: Sears Solutions Mastercard User Icon on 2010-09-27

Remarks Wow didn't know HSBC picked up the Sears card. Congrats, I wonder if you can upgrade from the HSBC sears to the Citibank Sears?
Comment 4 by james d yee
Re: Sears Solutions Mastercard User Icon on 2012-08-21

Remarks Hey Mrrob, HSBC did in fact decide to partner with Sears and offer a card for those that don't quite qualify for a Sears card issued by Citibank. However, HSBC's card is one of the types of accounts being switched over to Capital One.

As for upgrading to the Citi cards from the HSBC/Capital One card, it is possible with good payment history, but it is not exactly guaranteed. It is almost like any other credit decision a creditor must make...
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