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Written by: sh0t0kan on 2010-09-21

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sh0t0kan's review: Callout Comment I was just approved for this card. I have not pulled any of my scores but thought I try to apply. I haven't app'd in over 2 years and a lot of my inquiries fell off actually all of them did. I lost 3 credit cards due to the company closing them for not using them. 2 lower tier cards and 1 Chase. I had 1 I close on my own the annual fee got to be a bit much. I currently have 3 HSBC cards and a Chase freedom, Banana Rep, Chevron, Walmart, Barclaycard, Target Visa. I don't use any of them expect my Chase and 2 of the HSBC (really just paying down a balance). That's all I can say for my credit. No lates only one baddie from Charter Communication for 174.00. I was denied 2 years ago for the Amex green at that time too many inq's and too may new cards. But now Im in with AMEX and I can' t tell you the feeling that I'm feeling right now it's Awesome.

I had a goal to get my Amex and that was eliminate inquires, pay my bill on time, the credit crisis trimmed the unnecessary fat I had as far as too many cards. Used my cards wisely and paid them down or off. I wasn't good 2 years ago but today I was.


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: Approved User Icon on 2010-09-21

Remarks Congrats on your approval!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved User Icon on 2010-09-22

Remarks Congratulations! You must feel great now!
Comment 3 by locnguyun
Re: Approved User Icon on 2010-09-22

Remarks Congrats!!! Welcome to AMEX, I absolutely love this card. I just got mine two months ago and I put heavy charges on it. It's also a pretty looking card(people always take a second glance at it). Enjoy your new Zync!!!
Comment 4 by kiejon9
Re: Approved User Icon on 2010-09-26

Remarks Congrats!!! Welcome to AMEX
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