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Written by: locnguyun on 2010-09-14

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locnguyun's review: Callout Comment For the last two months I’ve put out three applications, one CLI and it was all approved! First it was my Amex Zync ( Two months ago) then Citi Diamonds Preferred ( one month ago), my CLI ( two weeks ago) and lastly my new Bank of America Accelerated Rewards. My Equ was 720 at the time of approval. I’m so excited to put all these rewards cards to usage! However, I still have two cards in mind( AMEX Blue, Discover) but I’ll put my application on hold until I turn 21 or older. I’m set for now.

Here are my current Credits:

Installation Loan: Nissan Motors

Bank of America- Platinum Plus Visa( 1.25 points on everything & more)

Bank of America- Accelerated AMEX rewards ( 1.25 points on everything & more)

Best Buy- Store card

American Express – Zync

Citi- Diamond Preferrerd Rewards


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: Congrats! User Icon on 2010-09-14

Remarks Congrats on your approval! You have the right idea for taking a break for now.

The good news about opening an Amex Blue later on is that Amex back dates new accounts. So if you open your Amex Blue in say 6/2012 it will report to the bureaus as opened 6/2010 because 2010 is when you became a Member Since at Amex.

Good luck and take care of the new cards!
Comment 2 by locnguyun
Third Approval Within Two Months! User Icon on 2010-09-14

Remarks Thanks! Yeah, I heard about how AMEX does back dating.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Third Approval User Icon on 2010-09-15

Remarks Congrats! Great to move into the world of quality cards. Good luck!
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