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Written by: payontime4 on 2010-09-04

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payontime4's review: Callout Comment I recently got stuck with two cards that increased their apr from 11.25 to 16.24-TD North Visa, another from 16.99 to 23.44% all within less than 8 weeks. One claimed no % if I paid on time 18 months,  on a laptop  $719.00-bestbuy gold MasterCard-stay away from ANY card with hsfc bank behind it. The 1st time I bought a hdtv, they claimed they sent me 5 cards, within a month. I knew I had to pay before 1 month or face high interest, so I had to call them and ask when the FIRST DATES PAYMENT was due. If I did not stay on them I would of been stuck with over 17 % interest on a $1367 hdtv.. To top it off this time they said I had to pay $12.11 INTEREST from the time I bought the laptop to the first statement, what kind of bs is this ?  I'm contacting the BBB and consumer affairs office rather than deal with these people. So I decided to apply FPR the Citi platinum card,TO PAY THESE SUCKERS OFF BEFORE THEY TRY ANY OTHER TRICKS.

I APPLIED 5 DAYS AGO AND THEY  approved me for $3900.00.


It gives me 18 months to pay off a balance transfer without the horrendous apr the other cards wanted, you only pay the amount and 5%, no other interest. You call these HIGH INTEREST/SNEAKY CARD BANKS  and get the payoff amount, also no interest on purchases for 1 year. Then 14.99% after the 12 month introductory rate,  lower than other cards

I had and paid off quickly. CITI  has great customer service, more than I can say for hsfs,- foreign customer reprs you can hardly understand for one thing, plus they do not want to put their shift supervisor on, which is just as well because they are no help either.

Back to the CITI  balance transfer card, it is a no HIDDEN fees or surprise small print  card... I used it once before about 7 years ago and saved about $235 in % charges! It is the best card for transfers, second only to my chase rewards card-5% rewards-gas/supermarket/pharmacy-20,000 points for a rt on continental, 10,000 for a $100 reward check. I think CITI also has a similar card and if you pay the total each month you come out ahead and really earn great rewards.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: - A HONEST UPFRONT CARD User Icon on 2010-09-04

Remarks What credit card are you reviewing? You need to do one card per review. There is a lot of good information in your write-up but it is unclear what is what..?!
Comment 2 by finance globe
Re: - A HONEST UPFRONT CARD User Icon on 2010-09-04

Remarks Fixed... It was supposed to be Citi, not CIT.
Comment 3 by ari
Re: - A HONEST UPFRONT CARD User Icon on 2010-09-05

Remarks I have a suprise for you. Citibank out sources their customer service as well. Depending on what time you call, you very often get a foreign account rep. If you want superior customer service, try the Discover More card. I agree with you about HSBC.
Comment 4 by joeyman
Re: - A HONEST UPFRONT CARD User Icon on 2010-09-05

Remarks I smile when I see those new Discover commercials now. They quote their outstanding customer service track record. ;)
Comment 5 by colonative
Re: - A HONEST UPFRONT CARD User Icon on 2010-09-05

Remarks As long as you do not default on the cardmember agreement, your 0% intro rate will not go up. But expect Citibank to increase APR's over the course of your cardmembership. I have three Citibank cards and in my experience, Citibank has been the worst offender of increases to the APR.

And yes, Citibank also has Indian call centers but they will transfer you to an American representative upon your request.
Comment 6 by cricket
Re: - A HONEST UPFRONT CARD User Icon on 2010-09-17

Remarks How long did it take to get the card after approval?
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