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Written by: yanira on 2007-09-03

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yanira's review: Callout Comment Ok I know I need to stop applying for credit, especially if I want that discover, but I couldn't resist. I love target, I'm always spending lots of $$$ there. Besides I saved 10%... Yes it's lame I know...

I applied at the store and got the Target Visa with a 2k limit!! Now I really need to stop. And I'm gonna. No more credit apps for a year, then I'll apply for a Discover. In my defense I needed a Visa. I have 3 MasterCards, one Visa, and the one amex... That isn't that bad... Right?


Comment 1 by nessa
Congratualtions!!!!!!! User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks Congratulations Yanira on your new Target Visa card. I only keep hearing good things about target and how they keep raising your limit. I hope they eventually give me the target Visa card later on:) I also agree about not applying for anymore credit til nxt yr.!
Comment 2 by yanira
Re: Nessa User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks Well I broke that word as soon as I wrote it. Read all the reviews on the Direct Rewards Discover and applied. Got approved there too!!! But God knows what damage I just did to my score. After this I'm REALLY stopping. What else could I need. I now have a Visa, (3) MasterCards, an AMEX and now discover. That is it. I promise. Does anyone know if this is too much??
Comment 3 by eric
Re:Yanira User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks Well Yanira since using this site I have 4 Mastercards, 5 Visa, 1 Amex, 1 Discover, and 6 store cards. I have opened 8 accounts since April 2007. I have stopped even though the temptations are there. I have found that I have dropped 25 points since May because of the inquiries. So I am going to stop for a year or two and let these cards establish themselves and then go for a higher Discover like a motiva or a AMEX one card. Congrats Yanira on your recent approvals... Also did you get your AMEX yet?
Comment 4 by meya
RE: Yanira User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks U-go-girl! Now that is hecka cool. Well it's Labor Day and you have labored your way through good credit. You deserve it, and I can say this much, "You are offered good limits on your card so what you should work on is cli's, utilization, and history. Everything else has fallen in place for you. You have officially graduated to the next credit level... Way to go.
Comment 5 by brammy
Re Eric - Yanira LOL!!! User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks Yes the life of a cardaholic is hard. I thought I was bad with 2MC and 2.5 store cards since March lol. Just did my final app for a year with PenFed but luckily they used the credit report they pulled to open my savings and checking accounts for review. Want to close out another 2 cards as well.

You are both right. Time to stop app'ing as we may experience negative effects from other creditors with the rapid ramp up of too much new credit. Lets see if we all can get the same rush from the Credit limit increases to come.

Comment 6 by yanira
Re: Eric And All User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks Thank you all for your congrats... I haven't rec'd my AMEX just yet. It's kind of crazy that I'm getting 3 new cards now... What is a good amount of cards to have does anyone know? And my score will bounce back after a few months of good history right??? I'm just nervous about all of these cards...
Comment 7 by brammy
Re Yanira User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks You may get a score boost just from the new cards and a proven payment history will just add icing to the cake. Expect a bump at 6,12, 18 and 24 months
Comment 8 by beanciapoo
Congratulations User Icon on 2007-10-31

Remarks You have some really good cards. I am happy for you. Hope you have a great time with them. :)
Comment 9 by porgy1000
Approvals User Icon on 2007-12-24

Remarks I saw how well this card was rated before I just applied for it. However, the reason I am writing this has little to do with the card. I am glad to see that people actually care about their credit scores and how they manage them. I wish more americans cared and took the time to realize that a FICO score is one of the most important things one should try to improve and maintain.
Comment 10 by sandyekay1
Cool User Icon on 2008-02-07

Remarks Target Visa
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