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Written by: joey81 on 2010-08-23

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joey81's review: Applied after speaking with online rep for about 20 min. got 7-10 day message and verified i. D. And got approved for $300.00. Its a great start for starting out my credit history. Scores exp:575 equ: 552 tsu: 656. pulled experian and equifax. Now how do I know if I get credit steps?


Comment 1 by thomas1
Re: Cap One on 2010-08-24

Approx 2 weeks after receiving the card, you'll get a letter explaining the steps. On time payments, no overlimit on purchases within the next 90 days, will get you bumped up to probably 500, and then to probably 750$.

Just read the info carefully and follow the guidelines.

Good luck and Congrats!
Comment 2 by nckuttoomm
Re: Cap One on 2010-08-24

The way from 500 to 750 is very long... If you have annual fee on it, I would recommend you close this account at the end of the 11th month~ If not, just keep it~
Comment 3 by brian23
Re: on 2010-08-24

Actually, I got recently approved for my 2nd capone card and the credit steps program has been reduced to 1 step. So, I would imagine your looking at an increase to 500 only by the 7th month.
Comment 4 by wanderer
Re: Cap One Credit Restoration on 2010-08-25

Congrats! Enjoy your return to credit. I found Capital One would NOT grow my card account beyond the credit steps. I left them but, they may be willing to consider another product when you are established.
Comment 5 by joey81
Need Help? on 2010-08-26

Can anyone give me some ideas on another card I could apply for?
Comment 6 by nckuttoomm
Re: Approved on 2010-08-27

You can try Wells Fargo series after around 12 month~
Comment 7 by hiphopsays
Re: Approved With Credit Restoration on 2011-10-28

Congrats!...the credit steps are easy but like it was mentioned CapOne rarely grows much after that...i have had an acct with them for ten years and after the credit step increases i have not received a credit increase from them. in fact when i called for a credit increase a couple of years ago they pushed me towards applying for a new card with them ... which i did and received a 4K limit (as versus the 1K limit on the older card). i only keep it open because of the age of the account helps my score but i have socked it and moved on to prime cards such as Amex for my primary card needs.
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