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Written by: sfrancis on 2010-08-13

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sfrancis's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card online on Aug 8, 2010 and got the "we will contact you in 30 days". Well, I actually got a letter on Friday, Aug 13 (go figure) that basically says had it not been for so many inquiries I would have gotten approved... Learned my lesson the hard way! Oh well... Wonder if it will take two years for some of those inquiries to fall off before I'm considered again. I guess my credit scores have risen, but I won't be able to see the updated scores for another 2 weeks. My bad on this one! No more, No more inquiries... I'll wait on the pre-approvals to hopefully show up in my mailbox!


Comment 1 by joeyman
Re: Denied! My Bad On Inquires! User Icon on 2010-08-13

Remarks Typically creditors will look back at the last six months of inquiries. However, if you wish to raise your scores then waiting a full two years would be appropriate.

Good luck!
Comment 2 by buildn2010
Re: Denied! My Bad On Inquires! User Icon on 2010-08-13

Remarks Dont dwell on it. Joeyman is correct. I actually spoke with Discover a few days ago and voiced my concerns about inquiries that were on my report. The rep explained that typically companies will review the past six months. Be patient!
Comment 3 by sfrancis
Re: Denied! My Bad On Inquires! User Icon on 2010-08-14

Remarks Awesome! This is good to know! Thanks so much for both responses!
Comment 4 by joearg29
Re: Denied! My Bad On Inquires! User Icon on 2010-08-15

Remarks Agreed, creditors especially Chase, and Barclays are INQ sensitive only if TL were open. If not and have under 5 I would re-con if you really want it. I have a backdoor number not one published but to marissa the Sr. Analyst at Chase Cards, she will most likely approve if the inq. S resulted in no Opening of TL unless it was a car or mortgage. CL wont be great but over time they will up your limit.
Comment 5 by sfrancis
Re: Denied! My Bad On Inquires! User Icon on 2010-08-16

Remarks Thanks for the offer! But I did open a couple of them (cc's). No loans or mortgages. I think I'll patiently wait on this one... I'd rather open with a nice CL! ;)
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