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Written by: joearg29 on 2010-08-11

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joearg29's review: Callout Comment I have had this card since it first came out, was disgusted when the annual fee did not merit the rewards, I got a Pen, and someother lousy gifts. Only keeping it open because hefty CL and they agreed to waive the fee for 3 years. I have another barclays issued card I use alot, so they valued my relationship and carry no Balance. Dont applly and waste an inq and loweriing your age of accounts, this card is basically a Citi diamond card, even my diamond card I think has better rewards!


Comment 1 by joeyman
Re: Black Card User Icon on 2010-08-11

Remarks Joe,

All I have to say is: YOU ARE THE GOD OF HOT CREDIT CARDS!!!

How old are you?

What is your occupation?

About how many years of credit history do you have?

Man, someday I hope to be like you!

- Some 20 yr old kid.

PS: Welcome! ! !
Comment 2 by joearg29
Re User Icon on 2010-08-11

Remarks Haha thanks I am just shy of a youthful 41. Ha I am a jr. VP of my Families corporation. I have had credit since my father put large lines of credit in both our names. Effectively establishing an 800 score by the time I was 21. My AAoA is about 10 years. Over 59 TL 14 open rest closed paid as agreed no baddies at all... Credit is a privleage you have to be responsible!

So do that and you will be the god of all cards too someday. BUT PIF and never charge what you cant pay back in a billing cycle, if you cant afford it leave it. There other options if you need a long term loan, and much more attractive APR, CCs are not long term debt obligations.
Comment 3 by locnguyun
Bogus Card User Icon on 2010-08-11

Remarks This card is a joke in my opinion; the rewards are comparable to many cards with little to no annual fee at all. Ive seen many of these cards where I work and would chuckle every time when a customer brings it out because its absolutely hilarious most people think its extremely prestige and only for the rich( Cmon my friend makes 35k and was offered for this through the mail). Base on my opinion, those that have this card is basically using it to boost their ego or want to express their wealth with a bogus card. If you want the real prestige power with extreme concierge service and rewards, go with American Express Platinum or if youre a heavy spender maybe youll be invited to the real black card Centurion Card. Not some obnoxious card that screams out Black Card .
Comment 4 by joearg29
Attractive Card Fee More Than Amex User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks Ya the obvious above poster failed to read any of my forum diatribes or review acc. FIRST OF ALL I clearly stated that I prefer my AMEX PLATINUM and run 10-20k a month thru it, this card I kept because they gave me a large CL for UTL purposeAND WAIVED the fee for 3 years. Also your friend making 35 thousand doesn't put 35,000k thru the card, I put 10k a month PIF that equals 120k a year making the rewards some what useful, I will cancel the card once they start assessing the fee. Also PLATINUM CHARGE card is not what it used to be when I had it in 1982... It has cut back an ANYONE can get it. I am not paying 2500 a year per card for the Centurion as I have been invited 7 times, and yes shake your head thinking I am lying I will be more than happy to upload the letter they send you asking for the upgrade. Which cards do you have again?
Comment 5 by locnguyun
FAIL Thanks User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks Well as for asking what card I have, I just started establishing credit. I currently have Amex Gold, Zync bankamericard and diamond preferred. For a 20 year old with a Fico of 760+, that's pretty good already. Please don't hate mate because I don't like bragging but if you ask, ill tell ya. I'm bagging about this card is because it's my opinion, so just ignore my opinion on this card if your offended. Thanks, FAIL
Comment 6 by colonative
Play Nice! User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks Okay... Lets not make these reviews into a pissing contest guys. Everybody is entitled to their opinions.

The reviewer makes a good point about the higher credit line for UTL purposes; however, I fully agree with Locnguyun that this card is really a marketing ploy and I enjoy a silent laugh at those who open it with the idea that it is an "exclusive" card.
Comment 7 by kdb030609
Congratulations!!! User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks Amen to that! I have to agree with ColoNative! [Edited by FG]
Comment 8 by locnguyun
Visa Black Card User Icon on 2010-08-12

Remarks If you felt that I was insulting you, Im not. I was specifically talking about the card and what people mainly want this card for ( Prestige, made of Carbon, only available to the 1% of population and having the ability to flash it around to ect) because like you said the lousy rewards does not add up to the annual fee nor is it worth paying for. Based on my experience, people that have this card only use it to show off. In your case, you want it because of the 3 years waived and UTL. Fine, I totally understand. I was talking specifically about the card itself, and what the majority of people have it for. So you should not be offended by my comments because it does not apply to you but to those who fell under the marketing of Barclayss marketing strategy.
Comment 9 by arnoldm3
Embarassing Post User Icon on 2010-08-13

Remarks [Edited by FG] Rather than demonizing others, why not mentor to those with less fortunate credit like you claim to have. Be a figure where everyone can admire, not an arrogant person.
Comment 10 by buildn2010
Help Others User Icon on 2010-08-13

Remarks I agree with "why not mentor to those with less fortunate credit like you claim to have. Be a figure where everyone can admire"... I found this site and I am truly grateful to use it as a resource to locate useful information about improving my CS.
Comment 11 by joearg29
Attractive Card Fee More Than Amex User Icon on 2010-08-15

Remarks First and foremost I was not demonizing anyone. The spoon comment was rather childish, and of course upset me, I have not been given things on a platter, I worked my way up in our corporation. Thus when people say that, it offends me in that my family is not proto-typical in the sense that mommy daddy help me. I didn't start receiving my mineral royalties from N. Gas and Oil until I was 30. In addition, I wont receive any additional drilling profits until the Q-tip trust is disbursed which is a long long long time. So sorry If anyone was offended. Your right to the above poster, I am willing to lend my knowledge of getting your credit up, what cards to apply for and not waste an Inq. Etc. Anyone can pvt message me. Lets move on
Comment 12 by wanderer
Re: Attractive Card Fee User Icon on 2010-09-02

Remarks Knowing this card is issued by the almost sub-prime bank of Barclay's is enough for me to thumb my nose. Matched it up to many other cards and did not find it worth the effort. Looks cool... However!
Comment 13 by phynanciallysavvy
Re: Attractive Card Fee More Than Amex User Icon on 2011-10-10

Remarks By the time got to the bottom of these super unhelpful comments (beyond the initial post), I had forgotten which card it was for.
Comment 14 by phynanciallysavvy
Re: Attractive Card Fee More Than Amex User Icon on 2011-10-10

Remarks By the time I got to the bottom of these super unhelpful comments (beyond the initial post), I had forgotten which card it was for.
Comment 15 by creditcardaddict
Re: Attractive Card Fee More Than Amex User Icon on 2012-05-08

Remarks Why dont you add an authorized user that way you each pay about $247. Making the weight lighter? I've been offered this card but the AF makes me think twice before applying although adding another user will help a lot.
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