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Written by: joearg29 on 2010-08-11

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joearg29's review: Callout Comment I have had this card for 3 years, 18k limit, but I don't know if FIA/BOFA gets it!! The service is lousy, I wish this was issued by another bank... Even my real AMEX cards don't have PMS like this one! Sad but true, love the design of my card, rewards, and travel! CUSTOMER SERVICE NEEDS TO BE TRAINED TO BE NICE!


Comment 1 by thomas1
Re: I Like The Card, Poor CS User Icon on 2010-08-11

Remarks I have this one earmarked as well, but have been weary of pulling the trigger, as they've been soliCiting me for some time now.

BOA suffers from PMS, and I'm not sure if I want to risk doing business with them, until they calm down a little. Also, yes, customer service is not the best these days. Best to lay low.
Comment 2 by joearg29
Re: I Like The Card, Poor CS User Icon on 2010-08-11

Remarks Agreed, NEVER carry a balance with BOFA and do not have lots of INQs as in 1 or 2... Both before and if approved after, they are very shaky
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: I Like The Card, Poor CS User Icon on 2010-09-02

Remarks Sorry this card doesn't have the respect it should. American Express always provided great customer service. Seems if you are collaborating with them to issue joint cards the CS should be at the same level. I have an HSBC American Express Card and the card was transferred from one HSBC division to another. Better benefits but the CS has NO authoirty to do anything. A real shame as I love my card and benefits and the card was issued as a premium card not a sub-prime (HSBC closed the door on new card holders however).
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