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Written by: locnguyun on 2010-08-06

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locnguyun's review: Callout Comment I was approved for Citi’s Diamond Preffered Mastercard. When I applied for this card, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be approved for this card because I did apply for American Express last month and was approved for the new Zync card. Now I have Visa = Bankamericard (3k), American Express= Zync(SM)( No Pre-set Limit) and this MasterCard(2k). For being 20 and starting to establish great credit it feels good! I will now hold all temptations from applying for anymore cards! I got one of every company besides Discover which I will shoot for in the future once the inquiry falls off my credit report. I’m not addicted to credit cards but I am addicted to establishing good credit.


Comment 1 by joeyman
Re: Approved Again! User Icon on 2010-08-06

Remarks Congratulations!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved Again! User Icon on 2010-08-06

Remarks WOW! Congrats! Letting your credit experiences age and build some depth is a good idea.
Comment 3 by locnguyun
Re: Approved Again! User Icon on 2010-08-06

Remarks Thank you!
Comment 4 by kdb030609
Re: Approved Again! User Icon on 2010-08-06

Remarks Congratulations!!! Citibank is a great company they're generous with CLI's. Their customer service is excellent also. If you take care of them they'll take care of you. They also have this same card as An American Express. 2k is a good starting limit. What were your scores when you applied?
Comment 5 by locnguyun
Re: Approved Again! User Icon on 2010-08-06

Remarks Not exactly sure but the last time I check for all three company it was around like 750 Fico.
Comment 6 by joearg29
Re: Approved Again! User Icon on 2010-08-15

Remarks So in the interest that we both were rather, heated, I apologize. This card is an excellent card and generous CL wait one year before asking Citi for a CLI. Also have you considered the Citi Amex. Even if you have quite a few new accounts, the analyst will see your age, and seeing that your disciplined in credit habits, you wont be denied. Try BofA Amex, and of course Nationwide, they started giving high CL to many, my secretary on my advice apped with high UTL and 4 inqs. She was approved 15k!!! FICO TU 698... So if one last card go Nationwide it will skyrocket your scores. Do you have any open LOC or Installment loans? Brokerage account with margin? Those will all put u in 800 territory in no time.
Comment 7 by locnguyun
Re: Approved Again! User Icon on 2010-08-15

Remarks I appreciate your apology, and I apologize myself for giving a sour opinion on the Black Card. As much as I dislike the Black Card I still think its the nicest appearance wise card there is out there (Kind of contradicting myself). Sadly, the perks doesnt add up. At this moment Im trying to slim my inquiries because of career reasons (I will be heading into Law Enforcement soon, and they will be looking at my credit report. Dont want them to think them Im desperate for credit so I will no longer put in apps for a while). Also, yes I currently have an installment Loan that is almost paid off. Once again thanks for your advice. YOURE THE GOD OF CREDIT!  My time has just begun.
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