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Written by: pastortam on 2010-08-05

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pastortam's review: Callout Comment This is by far the WORST credit card that I have ever had. I was decline the actual Discover Card and received this card with annual fee of $49, which I could handle. My problem is whenever you make payments over the minimum for the month they will hold your payment in a pending status up to 14 days because of suspcious activity. You would think that would be a plus. With Am Ex you have to pay your balance in full the folllowing month. With Direct if you pay bigger payments I was told that my payment was being held just in case there was money laudering going on, I was offended in the worst way because I pay my bills on time. HSBC is a horrible bank. I have credit cards with many companies this is by far the WORST. I will be closing this one out and try for an actual Discover later. PLEASE PLEASE don't accept this card.


Comment 1 by patrick12
Re: Dissatisfied Customer User Icon on 2010-08-05

Remarks That is very interesting because I always pay more than the minimum amount, and my payment posts the very next day! Never had a problem with this card and I have been a card holder since August of 2008, I am sorry for your problem your having, I guess they must like me or something! LOL
Comment 2 by ari
Re: Dissatisfied Customer User Icon on 2010-08-05

Remarks This card is no longer available to new customers, so no worries.
Comment 3 by fredshanks
Re: Dissatisfied Customer User Icon on 2010-08-06

Remarks I believe this card still is offered to customers as a counter-offer if you apply for an actual Discover card through Discover and are declined. I have used this card for 3years plus and the only thing that I don't like about it is there refusal to give me any CLI above the 300 I received initially. The card itself looks very nice and I have overpaid my balance several times without any problems. I will probably cancel this card when it approaches 4years if I don't get a CLI, but for someone rebuilding their credit I would definitely recommend this card to build history for a couple of years.
Comment 4 by shanm1981
Re: Dissatisfied Customer User Icon on 2010-08-06

Remarks I just got approved for this card as a counter offer from a denial at the discover site. 300 cl, 69 af, I have other cards, I decided to accept to replace my first premier card, that thing was 79.9% apr, just canceled with this replacement, felt good to say the words, cancel this first premier card!! Sure this one isn't much better, but the apr is lower, so Im taking that as a good sign.
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Dissatisfied Customer User Icon on 2010-08-07

Remarks Interesting findings. I have had several HSBC Cards and have had excellent treatment. Payments post the same day I submit. CL's at $10K with 7.9% interest with no AF. Have two cards one is and HSBC American Express the other is an HSBC Mastercard with no problems. I go back to 2001 with HSBC...?!
Comment 6 by mrrob
Re: Dissatisfied Customer User Icon on 2010-08-10

Remarks Wow, I thought this card was no longer available?
Comment 7 by rsty99
Re: Dissatisfied Customer User Icon on 2011-03-08

Remarks I have had this card since 2008 and no problems with payments of any kind, post same day and email sent confirming that. My CL is now $2000.00. FICO 720
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