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Written by: egarza2001 on 2010-07-08

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egarza2001's review: Applied and denied due to low avail cr, low no. Of sat acct, and insutt cr hist. EQ 699, EX 673, TU ?. They also pulled my TU file which happen to be the worst.


Comment 1 by thomas1
Re: Denied on 2010-07-08

Sorry that you were denied. Barclays are big TU pullers. You're probably better off not getting it. Alot of bad reviews here and on the web concerning their products and reviews. If you're looking for an airline card, try another issuer who pulls from EQ or EX. BOA and Citi are big EX pullers, and your current scores are close enough to possibly get you approved. I believe the Citi AAdvantage is close to your score range on EX, providing you have better history on those two bureaus. Just my two cents, hope it helps
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Denied on 2010-07-29

Yeah... Agree with the previous poster. Stay away from Barclay's. They are bordering on being a "sub-prime" issuer! Waste of time.
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