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Written by: binks on 2010-06-25

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binks's review: Callout Comment Applied online and was not instantly approved. Got a message from credit monitoring about 4 days later that a new account had been added. Card is issued by FIA and has $10,000 CL. The goofy thing is, it also has the highest APR posted for the card (20%). Sounds kooky that they will issue card with the highest APR and a very high starting limit, I would think a higher APR would warrant a lower starting limit. Also has a 0% Balance Transfer offer for six months and $50 back on first purchase of $75 or more.

In comparison to other online account management programs, this one SUCKS.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved $10,000 User Icon on 2010-06-25

Remarks Congrats! Great CL. Agree with your views on CL's and APR's (don't get it). You could start using and call for lower APR after establishing usage and payment patterns.
Comment 2 by colonative
Re: "Harris Bank" User Icon on 2010-06-27

Remarks FIA is issued by BofA. Seems crazy to go to Harris (Canadian owned btw) only to get a BofA card. I would assume that FIA's online management is the same as BofA's. I actually really like BofA's online management. Maybe you just need to play around with it some more.

I am actually very happy with my BofA cards; however, be very careful when contacting FIA/BofA they take any and all customer contact as an opportunity to do an on-the-spot account review. You may call for something small and end up with a reduced credit line or a closed account.
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