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Written by: irispixie on 2010-06-15

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irispixie's review: Callout Comment After applying several times for this card, I finally got approved for the Platinum card instead of the Gold card, without any deposit.

I have had this card now for 2 years, went from a $300.00 limit to a $600.00 limit. I haven't had any issues like some claim when it comes to making payments and payments processing to the account.

I always make more then the minimum payment or PIF. I have never been late with making a payment. The Annual fee is $59.00, though at the end of the year I am going to call and see if I can get that waived like Clark Howard suggests, as well as see if I can get my limit increased.

The things I don't like about the card, is the pushy sales from the Customer Service reps, when I call to inquire about my account. Even after saying No Thanks, customer service reps tend to keep rambling on with there sales pitch and for me No means No. The annual fee is also another thing I don't like about the card.

This card is a great rebuilding tool, if used wisely. I have read consumer complaints on how this card messed up there credit, but in reality, the person was the one who did it to themselves, not OB. Just because you have plastic in your wallet with money on it, does not make that money yours, unlike a debit card. You should never use more then 30% of your CL, use the card a few times a year and always spend what you can afford, no more.

I have also been asked by there customer rep what I did to improve my credit.common sense, use the card wisely. I now have a credit score of 740, 650 at the time I got approved for this card.

When it comes to dispute, I don't like there dispute process as it doesn't give you enough room to write all details. Have valid proof you will have no problems winning a dispute, if you ever encounter a dispute.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Great Rebuilding Tool User Icon on 2010-06-15

Remarks You have a super understanding of credit. With scores like a FICO score of 740 you likely could obtain great cards and benefits. Orchard Bank was created as a rebuilder bank and they do not really grow with you. You would seek out better cards after your credit record improved. Yours may have now. Also I have found Orchard Bank great to work with and never had problems with them. Closed my account with them after the credit record improved.
Comment 2 by d98lakefan
Re: Great Rebuilding Tool User Icon on 2010-06-16

Remarks I am actually growin with these orchard bank cards I have two cards one 6000 and 5000 both 2percent cash back no annual fee and 14.9 intersest on both I love this bank congrats on your card
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: Great Rebuilding Tool User Icon on 2010-06-16

Remarks Irispixie you're a great member of Finance Globe! Sometimes I get sick of reading posts about how people messed up their report and they come crying for answers to fix it. It's simple... Don't buy things you can't afford. You seem to get that very well. I would also like to suggest you getting a better card.

Cheers! ^_^
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