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Written by: farmgirl on 2010-06-14

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farmgirl's review: Callout Comment I received an offer in the mail for the platinum card but since my scores recently shot up, I decided to see what I might be pre-approved for. This card came up, and I apped it. Was approved online immediately for $500 CL. I am stoked! This is my first unsecured card- and I just got my secured card in feb. Through my CU. My FICO scorewatch scores currently are TU 665 and EQ 633. I am so excited about this card! It does have a $39 Af, but no APR until March of 2011...:)


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! User Icon on 2010-06-14

Remarks Congrats! Take care of this one, it will grow with you.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! User Icon on 2010-06-14

Remarks Congrats!... Pretty cool!
Comment 3 by cfmdev49
Re: APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! User Icon on 2010-06-14

Remarks While I'm happy for your success in getting an unsecured card, I just wish some of the larger issuers like cap 1 would refrain from giving out toy limits. The other thing many of them do is to then pigeonhole you into a lower tier card regardless of how well you handle the account... Well congrats... I know it's a good feeling... Hopefully over time it grows with your needs...
Comment 4 by farmgirl
Re: APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! User Icon on 2010-06-14

Remarks Well, I am just glad to be getting some credit for now. I have operated for my whole life with out using credit- except for a car loan once years ago which I paid off quickly, and a student loan that I just paid off in December. Never had any cards though. I am sure that I can get a better card through my CU at some point... But for now, it is nice to get the approval from one of the bigger guys- even if it is only $500. :)
Comment 5 by ari
Re: APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! User Icon on 2010-06-15

Remarks Congrats on your Capone. I have 2 Capital One cards. They've been great. Good interest rates, plenty of offers to transfer balances, easy online access, but I have to agree with "Wanderer". Capone does not grow with you. My limits are 750 and 1500 and Capone refuses to up my limits even though my scores are well over 700 and I've never been late. These low credit limits adversely affect my credit scores. They'll likely bump you up from the $500 but then you'll hit the brick wall.
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