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Written by: anthony on 2007-08-30

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anthony's review: Callout Comment I applied for the Walmart CC at the store in Dec of last year. I received a declination letter stating that I did not have a credit profile. At the time, I had a car note, mortgage and several credit accounts showing on my profile. I call the 800 number and was told that to go back to the store and re apply. I did so and received a declination letter stating that I did not have a SSN. I called the 800 number and the rep somehow managed to open a Sam's Club card for me.

The other evening I applied online for the Walmart Discover card. I received a message stating that I would hear something with 48 hours. I called the 800 number thinking that the application may have been flagged because I have a security alert on my CBR. The rep reviewed my application and told me that I shouldn't have any problems obtaining an approval for the card. Today I received a declination letter via email and yes you guessed it, the reason that GEMB is unable to verify my my identity. I phoned customer service to try to resolve the matter. I was told that I would be receive a phone call later today. Haven't heard anything thus far. Can anyone recommend a course of action?


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Eric To Anthony User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks Uh, this is a good one. I am going to leave it up to the MIGHTY ERIC for you... Lmao Wake up agian Eric, your assistance is needed here. If anyone can answer this question right now please feel free to do so.
Comment 2 by eric
Hey Anthony User Icon on 2007-08-31

Remarks Hey Anthony... Weve went high tech here by emailing you results instead of waiting for a paper declination lol. Supposedly its supposed to be better enviromentally but really the bottom line is that it SAVES US MONEY! Anyways do you have a regular Walmart acct Anthony? If so asked Customer Service to flip your WM acct to a Discover account. Or if you want to skip the ying yang on the computer just call the application number and apply by phone. Now if they tell you that you will receive word from us in 7-10 days by mail-its a rejection. Eric
Comment 3 by brammy
HEY Eric User Icon on 2007-08-31

Remarks Can that be done? Just switching the Wally World account to a Disc? Eveytime I call and ask they say they don't convert and that you have to reapply.
Comment 4 by eric
Re Brammy User Icon on 2007-08-31

Remarks Well Brammy you may not be able to. When we first opened the Walmart Discover back in late 2005. We actually flipped the inactive Walmart Regular accounts to Discover cards. Inactive means that these customers had a zero balance for the last 3 or 4 years with us. Also meaning these people probably ripped these cards up when they were converted from Montgomery Wards cards to Walmart cards. Anyways this turned out to be a lesson learned on GEMB because these accounts that were inactive, were inactive for a reason because when we sent out the first batch of Discover cards on these flips, it was like waiving a carrot in front of a horse lol. Now these flips were major flips-we are talking $300 limit that the customer had w/a regular inactive Walmart account to $4-10k limits. We were calling customers from our collections department that were on social security getting $600 a month to pay on their $7K balance discover credit card lmao!! Or a 19 year old kid in college- NO real job or income to pay on his $10k balance lol. You all know how that went! Let say that launch left a sour taste in my mouth for awhile. Anyways, sorry to rant about that but it was a horrible time! Especially with the cards being pushed out around X-mas season. So they may not flip you. Brammy, I would apply online and click that you want to apply for the Discover card. Now if they don't approve you for the Walmart Discover then they may approve you for the regular card. Now in past reviews you said you had a walmart card... It wouldnt shock me if you got approved for another one lol. But that's another story. Also Anthony have you tried to apply for a Discover from Discover.com? Id rather see you get one of those discovers than ours. Good Luck to both of you.
Comment 5 by brammy
Re: Eric - WOW User Icon on 2007-08-31

Remarks I see said the blind man. Nah I didn't want you guys' Discover card. No offense but my past experience tells me they would approve me for the lowest possible limit and then the highest possible interest.

Looking at the Motiva for end of next month tho. Still speaking with your corporate about that issue with Dillards tho.

Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully Target isn't on the same track withe the recently wild issues of Visas I heard about. Thought that was store cards only. I can tell you. I have used that Visa more in the past few days than I did the store card in the almost year I had it beforehand. BUT not crazy enough to carry a balance at that interest rate.
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