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Written by: koolriderz on 2010-06-01

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koolriderz's review: Callout Comment I've only had this card for a month. I must say, it didn't charge annual fees or monthly fees like First Premier or Legacy Visa, which I also have. Actually, I just paid off and canceled my First Premier to use this as my main credit card.

Here's what you all need to know:

I was automatically approved for $300 limit with 561 FICO.

I got the minimum interest rate of 14.9. AWESOME!

There are no fees for this card. I had full credit line.

Their customer service is outsourced to India, but the reps are very friendly and helpful. Probably more than American associates.

They even let you pick the look of your card.

You get the distinguishment of carrying a Platinum card!

Oh yeah, and their internet account system is amazing. You can do everything from making a free payment, requesting a credit line increase, to choosing overlimit protection (let's you choose if you want them to allow your account to go over the limit for a one time flat fee).

Super sick card if you are subprime. They seem to treat customers really really good. Especially giving you a fresh start with all the perks that excellent credit consumers get.

Booyah Orchard Bank!!!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Great Card Rates And No FEES User Icon on 2010-06-02

Remarks Congratulations! I hope others that are rebuilding see your review. Frankly, I started with this card and everything you said is true.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Great Card Rates And No FEES User Icon on 2010-06-03

Remarks Way to go and great info. Yeah this is my started card, they have been treating me bad with cli's but they open the doors for all the rest of the cards I have... Lol
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