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Written by: johnny25 on 2010-05-24

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johnny25's review: Callout Comment Applied for card online and received the Congratulations Your Approved Screen. You will receive your card in 7-10 days. That was two weeks ago, so I called to inquire on when I would be receiving the card and now they are saying I was denied. What's with that? My scores are mid to upper 700's across all three credit bureaus.


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: Chased User Icon on 2010-05-24

Remarks Did they give you a reason for denial? How many inquiries do you have?

Honestly, they might have done you a favor; there are better cards and better banks/credit unions out there.

They have sent me no less than 8 offers for this card since January and into the shredder they go.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Chased User Icon on 2010-05-25

Remarks Chase has been very strange for awhile. I have this card as a Chase Business Visa "INK" Card and I love it (includes Blue Print option). But, Chase lowered my CL from $10K to $2.5K in March 2010. I let it sit for four days (I was steaming). Truth as a Providian Bank to WAMU Bank to Chase Banl customer, I figured it was another attempt to drive us old "sub-primers" out. Called Chase and had a "fireside" chat (President FDR). Kept my cool and was all business professional. They restored my CL April 2010 and added the "Balance Transfer" option to my account. They have given me the "Elite Pricing" with no AF on rates. Not sure if it will help but, you could call one of those backroom phone numbers and do a recon. In today's world and going back to 1973 when I received my first Bank Americard bank card, I have ALWAYS found my local or regional bank/credit union took better care of me than the "big boy banks"!!!
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Chased User Icon on 2010-05-25

Remarks What!!! That is so not cool!
Comment 4 by rockin35
I Say Good Riddance! User Icon on 2010-05-31

Remarks I've accumulated a couple of cards from Chase over the years. I had my Honda Visa card closed because I only used it for oil changes and car repairs. They lowered the limit from $5,000 to less than 2,000. I was offered the Mary Kay Visa from chase, they sent me a "pre-approved" letter in the mail a few years back, I only used it for make up and mary kay orders. Same thing...$5,000 limit decreased to basically nothing. I closed them both out.

Chase is cutting across the board, or so it may appear. I wouldn't be too angry about not getting this card.

Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Chased User Icon on 2010-06-02

Remarks As a followup on this card issuer... I read about two months ago where Chase was eliminating 15% of it's cardholders and reducing it credit lines (minimize risk) on another large part of the credit base. Since I only received Chase due to the WAMU merger, I have never had Chase before. Frankly, I go back to the small/regional bank/credit unions. They have always been true to their word and not played with interest rates or credit lines. My experience with the "big boy" banks was only Citi Bank. I can see the frustration since Chase adjusted my accounts.
Comment 6 by beckettpg8
Re: Chased User Icon on 2010-06-04

Remarks Apply for their SAPPHIRE card & get 10000 points equally $100 rewards. Called it in in 3 days - I got it

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