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Written by: faith on 2010-05-19

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faith's review: Callout Comment Received 0% interest for 1 year, 6-month CLI request, received $1,600 (as I do with my other Citi card), should receive CLI every 4 months from this point forward. As always CITI customer service has been exceptional. Would recommend this card. Rewards program isn't farely decent.


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: 6 Month Anniversay User Icon on 2010-05-20

Remarks Congrats on your approval.

Would you mind providing the score and the bureau Citibank pulled at the time of the application? That helps others who might be interested in the card.

Have you received the APR reductions with the card for paying on time?
Comment 2 by jerica
Re: 6 Month Anniversay User Icon on 2010-05-20

Remarks Congratulations on your cli. I have the Citi platinum select card I am on my second statment, so I am waiting for when I am due for a cli, can you post what your starting cl was, Citi seems to be generous with their cli's.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: 6 Month Anniversary User Icon on 2010-05-23

Remarks Good to see FG members getting rewarded for good credit! Congrats!
Comment 4 by meya
Re: 6 Month Anniversay User Icon on 2010-05-25

Remarks Thanks for the update. Glad to see you Faith! When you get a chance, can you please add your scores so that others may benefit. You can add your scores from the time you applied, which will be better in your case because you already have the card. An estimate will be fine. I will add it to your original review as soon as I see your response. Thanks so much!
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