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Written by: brammy on 2007-08-30

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brammy's review: Callout Comment Not sure why they have this listed as a bad credit card. I know that they have a higher standard than a lot of store cards. I app'd for the BB MC twice and got approved the second time. I think this may have been the second app for this one.

Cant complain though, love the 0% interest offers since I buy a LOT of electronics.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Brammy User Icon on 2007-08-30

Remarks My uncle is running around with this card with a 2 year old bk. This is another example of how creditors makes their decisions on individuals. I was denied this card without a bk. FG would probably have to update this card because if the apr goes up high, then they would snatch individuals with some dings in their reports. When it drops, they get two-faced... Lol
Comment 2 by lyyssa
Yes.. User Icon on 2008-03-19

Remarks When dh applied for this account he did so over the phone. Initially, he was declined, to which he demanded an explanation. The rep transferred him to an underwriter. Dh spoke with an underwriter for about 5 minutes, who then went ahead and approved him for 2K. I was surprised.
Comment 3 by hjm331
CLI For Me User Icon on 2008-03-19

Remarks I've had this card for 5-6 months now and have not used it. I went to click on request a CLI and I was preapproved for a $300 increase so I went and accepted it. Now my limit is $1,600. This is a good card that's going to help me out with utilization as long as I buy merchandise from BB here and there.
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