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Written by: saleem on 2010-01-28

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saleem's review: Am new immegrant to the us (6 months) and applied for this card the day I opened an account in bofa but declined so I decided to do it again with walmart store card and sears store card and declined to both, finally I decided to do it again after I went to the bank and talk to one of their emplyees and was so pissed telling her its my money that used to the card and she said lets do it again, checked my online bank account and boom a new account added for platnium plus Visa credit card with 0 credit score for all three bureas, didn't received the card yet


Comment 1 by finance globe
Re: Approved With 0 Credit History on 2010-01-28

Congrats, finally. It's a difficult task in the U. S. Getting your first card. Take care of it, pay on time, etc. And you will see that it will be easier to get approved for other cards or loans in another year or so.
Comment 2 by kiejon9
Re: Approved With 0 Credit History on 2010-02-04

Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Approved With 0 Credit History on 2010-02-07

CONGRATS! We know how frustrating it can be seeking new credit with no history. Good luck!
Comment 4 by joeyman
Re: Approved With 0 Credit History on 2010-02-13

Amg. Financeglobe commented on your review! What an honor. :d
Comment 5 by finance globe
Re: Approved With 0 Credit History on 2010-02-18

:-) I really do love it and I would be in the forum more, but running this site is already a full time position!
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