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Written by: carolee88 on 2010-01-16

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carolee88's review: Callout Comment Tribute Credit Card bought my Imagine Account, which was in good standing. However, my Tribute Card was canceled before using the Card. Triubte continued to charge me a "Maintenance Fee", which is charged to the account after the first transaction. Since I never used the card, I called Tribute. Useless.

So, I contacted the Better Business Bureau and within 30 days the complaint was investigated and all fees were reversed and waived during the time I am paying off the card. Thank you "Better Business Bureau"! You saved me hundred of dollars! Please contact them online if you have any Credit Card complaints! We can fight back!

Thank you. Carolee


Comment 1 by kforbes86
Re: Don't Trust Tribute Credit Card User Icon on 2010-01-16

Remarks I was going to get this card a year and a half ago when I started rebuildingmy credit but didn't. I am really glad that I didn't get it now.
Comment 2 by hjm331
Re: Don't Trust Tribute Credit Card User Icon on 2010-01-16

Remarks Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment. Do you currently have any credit cards in good standing?
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Don't Trust Tribute Credit Card User Icon on 2010-01-16

Remarks NICE WORK!!! It is time the bottom feeders get kicked. I have become a secured card fan after reading all the things the sub-prime card issuers do to those of us with less than great credit. For those of you that might be interested in another better level less than prime card that will treat you right! I speak with experience try this one:

https://financial. Wellsfargo.com/loanapp/standardcard/index. Do? Statesc=CLINDSP1
Comment 4 by meya
Re: Don't Trust Tribute Credit Card User Icon on 2010-01-18

Remarks I hope a lot of Tribute card holders are reading this. I have heard some say that they enjoy the card, but I think they should try to beat them in their game before they hit them first. Informative posting, wish you all the luck.
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