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Written by: kforbes86 on 2010-01-09

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kforbes86's review: I used the pre-qualify thing in theire website, got qualified for this card. I applied for the card and it said denied. Reason for denial said: we recently opened an HSBC credit account for you. I thought you could have max 2 cards from them, and I only have 1. I guess my household bank card has to be open a certain amount of time before I can have aother?? 6 months or a year?


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: Approved And Denied on 2010-01-09

Sorry to hear it Kforbes! I wish that their systems were smart enough to recognize that you recently opened an HSBC card before you wasted an inquiry.

I remember many years ago Capital One would only allow you to apply every 90 days, so if you were approved (or declined for that matter) for a card and then a month later applied for a 2nd they would decline the app.
Comment 2 by lightemup3
Re: Approved And Denied on 2010-03-09

Its 18 months I just went through the same thing I called them and asked and they said 18 months before you can apply for another card.
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