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Written by: ari on 2010-01-04

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ari's review: Callout Comment I applied online for this card online and didn't get a response as website was having problems. Next day I was alerted to inguiry on my transunion report. Called AE and after talking to someone w/terrible English, was approved for 210.00. My transunion score was 676(though they have changed their scoring#'s). I called to get a CLI the next day, very rude customer service, eventually after several request was transferred to supervisor. He denied my request for an increase. I canceled the card later that day, not worth the new account and low credit limit to bring down my score. Please don't waste your time.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Time Waster User Icon on 2010-01-04

Remarks Out sourced customer service is such a frustration. Add to it few CS Reps have any authority. In fact I have found few supervisors who have any authority. It is all about the credit scoring model, computer system and credit bureaus. Where has the ability of the credit analyst and the customer to interact gone? I have closed all but one of my GE Money Bank Cards (JC Penney) and all of my Barclay Cards for rude service, small credit lines and I will NOT support outsourcing what has become the useless customer service representative from other foreign countries who pretend to speak English!!!
Comment 2 by ari
Re: Time Waster User Icon on 2010-01-04

Remarks I agree. I have no racial biases but when most of your customers are English speaking Americans, the rep's should be able to speak fluent English. Futhermore to have to ask 3 times to speak to a supervisor is inexcusable.
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: Time Waster User Icon on 2010-01-09

Remarks It's not that they can't understand English (sometimes). It's that they don't understand common slang, jokes, etc. I have a hard time explaining things... Often times explaining several times before they understand. It's all company's not just credit cards. However, I am very satisfied with Apple customer support.
Comment 4 by phynanciallysavvy
Re: Time Waster User Icon on 2011-10-23

Remarks This is just me, but I NEVER joke when I'm on the phone with a lender - especially when we're talking about ME (CL's, APR, etc). But I guess I don't joke when I have to call them about their wrong-doings either. :)

However, FRUSTRATION with language barrier individuals is a different story... I have no patience. But that aside, I am a very loyal AE shopper and I'm disappointed to hear that this is the (lack of) quality customer service THEY give to their customers.
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