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Written by: aaronw23 on 2010-01-03

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aaronw23's review: Callout Comment Got this card December 08 as part of my recovery efforts with a credit score in the low 500's and about 7 baddies and CO's. CL has been $320 and a AF of $29. The card is great for rebuilding. No charge to pay online and I have not had a problem using it anywhere. Have not been able to get a CLI yet though still working on that.

TU 511... EQ 623... EX 545


Comment 1 by macy
Re: Excellent Card User Icon on 2010-01-04

Remarks Do not expect to get a credit limit increase. There

are people that's had the card for years and barely got more than what they started with. Very few have said $1000 or more and I noticed they all had the card for a long time that did.
Comment 2 by ari
Re: Excellent Card User Icon on 2010-01-05

Remarks Very, very true. I have three accounts w/HSBC, which btw is not supposed to happen. They limit your HSBC accounts to two. I have had all accounts for well over 3 yrs. Always paid on time and I've received an increase of 300 between 2 cards and $0 on the third. They rarely give cli's and they outsource their customer service, but it is what it is.
Comment 3 by brownfox79
Re: Excellent Card User Icon on 2010-01-05

Remarks I too love this card. I've had it for less than 2 years and have gone from a $300 CL to $1100CL.

I got my Orchard Card(AF-$59), along with other sub-prime cards during credit rebuilding in 04/08 with scores ranging from 485-502.

The 1st CLI I requested was in 03/09(almost a year later) and was given a $600 CLI totaling $900. 6 months later called again and was given a $200 CL, totaling my current limit to $1100.

My 3rd request for an increase will be sometime in 03/10, and I'll keep you guys updated!

Much Thanks to Orchard for helping to bring my scores to 635-670. That's an increase of 150-168 points in only 21 months.)

I'm aiming for all 700 scores by year end.

This is the only account I have with them, but will continue to treat it well.

Hang in there aaronw, you'll get CLIs! Good Luck!
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