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Written by: steven on 2007-08-26

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steven 's review: Callout Comment As with a lot of people in the US my credit needs help (alot) so I am taking my chance with this card in hopes of improving my score. I plan only to use it once in a while and pay my purchases off within the 25 day grace period.

Up till today, when I actually tried to use it for the first time, I have had no issues. I applied, received my card and made the first payment online with no problems. And have since made another payment and it was a little slow being posted but did get posted. I tried to use it today and it was "declined", had it run twice. I did call customer service at, 888-618-9920, and after entering all the required information spoke with a live person. (Yes, I do agree they are hard to understand. But lets face it that is fairly common these days!) The lady I spoke with told me she saw where my card was run but could not really explain why it did not work. She said I should have no trouble with it next time I try to use it. I will try to remember to update this after I try to use it again.

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Comment 1 by gizmocruz
Never Had A Problem.. User Icon on 2007-10-20

Remarks I have had this card for about a year and a half and they raised my credit limit to $1000 from $300. Never a fee to pay online, never a hold, never late/over the limit.
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