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Written by: bsean817 on 2009-11-29

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bsean817's review: Callout Comment I have had this card for a while now I never miss a payment and I keep my balance low by paying the majority off. Well I received a letter the other day telling me my account was being closed with no explanation or anything so I called them and was told they would send a letter out explaining why the account was closed there is no reason why my account should have been closed but I am thinking that this company is in major trouble there website has been down for over a month so do not try this card at all


Comment 1 by casey
I Feel Your Pain... User Icon on 2009-11-30

Remarks I feel your pain, they did the same thing to me... I got this card when they took over the old Rewards 660 program, which I have had since March 2005. When they took it over, I had a $1675 credit limit... And credit limit increases stopped, even though the rewards 660 program allowed you to go up to $2000, but I was glad not to lose the tradeline. I did use it once to pay my rent one month when I was short... Charged $870, paid it back over 6 months, no problem. One day I got the letter, just like you did... Perfect account, never late. Told me I didn't use it enough, and that is why they closed it. Like they wanted me to incur debt... It was kind of my emergency card... But whatever... I took it hard at first, obviously the utilization hit and all, but I have regained it all back through CLI on other cards. Funny thing is, it still reports on my credit report as open and available for use, and so does their website... Been that way for months now. I called to confirm it was closed for sure and they said yes. But and open account with a zero balance looks good on credit report... So I will leave it alone... Good luck to you.
Comment 2 by moneyback
Re: Dont Want A Good Paying... User Icon on 2010-02-24

Remarks That's odd. Same thing happened to me just this week. Got a letter saying that they had closed my account & I've had mine since it was Rewards 660 as well. Haven't had a chance to call and ask why yet.
Comment 3 by jbrush2
Indigo Is A Nightmare User Icon on 2010-05-29

Remarks Be glad they closed your account when they did. They went and they jacked the interest rate up to 35.9% they do not offer credit limit increases and they continue to charge the $10/month program fee. This is outragous and a bunch of bull.
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