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Written by: islander36 on 2009-11-28

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islander36's review: Just got my bk chapter 13 discharge letter in the mail today, been looking at other members reviews, decided I didn't have anything to lose by applying for this card. To my shock and surprise I was approved for $2,000. My pre bk discharge scores are tu 660, exp 635 and equ. 599.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Absolutely Blown Away on 2009-11-28

Way to go! Nice limit!
Comment 2 by colonative
Re: Absolutely Blown Away on 2009-11-28

Wow, way to go. If it was a Chapter 13, does that mean you had been paying for 3-5 years then? That helps.

This is a great place to start and that $2,000 limit will help your utilization.

I suggest a Visa/MasterCard as your next application. Captial One or a secured card from Citibank, BofA, US Bank or Wells (assuming you did not include them in the bky).

Good luck.
Comment 3 by farmgirl
Re: Absolutely Blown Away on 2009-11-28

Awesome! They will be the first card I apply for as well after reading the reviews! :)
Comment 4 by islander36
Re: Absolutely Blown Away on 2009-11-28

I did include Cap one in my bk. I am nervous to try applying for a Visa or mc. I did get 5yrs to pay off my bk and I paid them off in 3yrs. I wonder how soon does the credit bureaus get notified of my discharge. Thanks a lot Meya, you are a wealth of information!!! Thanks to everyone who wrote a review.
Comment 5 by colonative
Re: Absolutely Blown Away on 2009-11-29

You'd be surprised at how forgiving Capital One can be. But usually they will send you an application once discharged. Maybe try for a secured card instead from Citibank or BofA (again assuming you did not include them in the bky).

The discharge notice is probably already there.

Good luck!
Comment 6 by kiejon9
Re: Absolutely Blown Away on 2009-12-24

Comment 7 by soloridah
Good Boost To Credit!! on 2010-02-06

If you like jewelry and also need a good credit acct you need to get Kay's.
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