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Written by: gerald193 on 2009-11-23

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gerald193's review: Callout Comment I recently applied for the Wells Fargo Platinum card. They turned me down and I have Custom Management Checking & Savings, And an auto loan that has never been late. I haven't even overdrafted on my Checking before. My scores are eq608 ex632 and tu595. No baddies and bills are never late. I wonder when the day will come when I can have a card with a decent limit. I think I will call them tomorrow and tell them if it doesn't get approved I will close my accounts and move to boa. The main reason I want it is for emergency's and as Overdraft Protection on my accounts.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Turned Down For No Reason User Icon on 2009-11-23

Remarks How many credit cards do you have, how high is your balances, how long is your credit history, and how many inq's do you have? That may be what they are basing your application from. But don't let that discourage you, they are not too easy to get a approved for anyway. Have you tried Hooters, or Capital One? Try them, you may get a little lucky.
Comment 2 by gerald193
Re: Turned Down For No Reason User Icon on 2009-11-23

Remarks I have three credit cards. Orchard with a $300 limit and $290 bal. Walmart $700 limit $597 Bal Herbergers $1200 limit $410 bal. My credit history is over 30 years old. And I have about 5 inqs. I have over 50k in savings and pension
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: Turned Down For No Reason User Icon on 2009-11-24

Remarks You need to lower your debt to available credit ratio. Your balances should never go over 50% of your limit. For example, if you have a $1,000 limit card never allow a $500 or greater balance.
Comment 4 by colonative
Re: Turned Down For No Reason User Icon on 2009-11-24

Remarks Your scores are a little low for a Wells Fargo card also. Like Meya said, you may want to check out Capital One.
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Turned Down For No Reason User Icon on 2009-11-24

Remarks Follow-up on the previous postings... Of all the majors banks Wells Fargo Bank, NA is the least flexible. Two options for you... Call and see if you could start with a Wells Fargo Platinum Visa Secured Card. Second option is contact a Wells Fargo Financial Bank Office and see if they would issue you a card. I have done both. Frankly I like my Wells Fargo Financial Bank Platinum Visa the best at 1-800-247-9215 and they start a person out at no more than $2,000 CL but will grow it over time to $10,000 CL. Try this...
Comment 6 by kforbes86
Secured Is A Good Idea!! User Icon on 2009-11-25

Remarks I started out with the secured wells fargo card. Around 9 months and they unsecured and raised my limit. I have it with a limit of $750, same as my GE Money card I just got. Having the secured card to use to get a prime card is well worth it.
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