"Why I'm Shopping Less With Kroger"

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Written by: ron on 2007-08-25

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ron's review: Callout Comment My family has shopped primarily with Krogers even though we are are within easy driving distance of a WalMart, Biggs, and other discount grocers. When Kroger introduced their MasterCard, we immediately began using it and were pleased with the discounts we received on gasoline, etc. We ALWAYS pay our bill in full at the end of each billing cycle.

We failed to pay our bill in July. It was our oversight and clearly our fault. We realized our error when the next statement arrived. We immediately paid our bill in full electronically.

Two days later I received a call from Kroger advising me we were delinquent. I explained the account balance would be zero within a matter of days. I thought the matter had been settled until I attempted to use my credit card later that morning. Kroger had "turned it off." Needless to say, I certainly no longer feel like one of Kroger's "valued customers." My wife and I have discussed this matter and have decided to switch most of business to other grocers in the area.

It's obvious that in spite of thousands of dollars of purchases, Kroger views us a deadbeats. It's sad when companies create programs designed to attract new customers but the impact of those programs is to alienate the customers they already have.

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Comment 1 by eric
Re: Ron User Icon on 2007-08-25

Remarks Hey Ron... I understand your frustration but Krogers has nothing to do with this card. Its the bank that finances this card is who you have a problem with. Krogers just put there name on the card so that more people shop there and USE their credit card there. Walmart doesn't run there own credit... They have a bank do it for them. #1 -So if you don't pay your account they arent at a loss, the bank is. #2 So they can concentrate on selling you quality good instead of worrying about whether Bill Jones paid his bill and do we have to collect, and lastly so there not responsible for anything is it hits the fan. My view on this situation Ron.

PS-Did they close your account or put a soft hold on until payment is posted? Eric
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