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Written by: moniqueluv on 2009-11-07

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moniqueluv's review: Callout Comment I went to Wells Fargo to apply for the secured Visa and I deposited 300.00 since I did not have an account with them I opened a savings. Well the banker submitted the application and told me it showed pending so I called customer service and was advice that it will be manually reviewed by an underwriter. So what are my chances they pulled Equifax’s and my score is 636. I just hope I get approved since b of a already approved me these past month of 10/2009. Has anyone gotten their application under review and if yes were you approved?

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Comment 1 by kforbes86
Re: UNDER REVIEW User Icon on 2009-11-07

Remarks When I got mine, I got the same message, and was approved. Mine changed to unsecured last month. I got my deposit back, and bumped to a $750 limit from $500. Took right around 6 months to go to unsecured. Hope that helps you out.
Comment 2 by moniqueluv
Re: UNDER REVIEW User Icon on 2009-11-07

Remarks Thanks in how many days it took to approve you and as for now what are your scores also have you gotten your deposit already and how many weeks for you to get it so that means I will be approve or what so I just call them monday to check up or just wait for them to contact me
Comment 3 by kforbes86
Re: UNDER REVIEW User Icon on 2009-11-08

Remarks I am sure it wouldnt hurt to call monday and see. it took a total of almost three weeks for me to have my card in my hand. They notified me in the middle of a billing cycle that I would be unsecured by the end of the billing cycle. They canceled my card at the end of the billing cycle, and a few days later, the new card came. It was days after that that the deposit made it's way back to me. My scores now ex and tu are both close to 600 and eq is far lower... By 50 points, because some bad accounts are only reported to eq. Hope that helps.
Comment 4 by moniqueluv
Re: UNDER REVIEW User Icon on 2009-11-08

Remarks Thanks well I will call monday which is tommorrow the 11/9/2009 and I keep you updated to see what happens.
Comment 5 by moniqueluv
Approved And Very Happy User Icon on 2009-11-10

Remarks Kforbes I just want to thank you for the advice I was approved and I'm happy I called today 11/10/2009 and rep ask me security questios due to identity theft and to my surprise she said congratulations youre approved you may unsecured if no lates with in 9 to 12 months thanks everyone don't give up I was approved with a 636 score and one collection from 10 months ago and they pulled equifaxs so that means wells fargo is not that bad now I have 2 major credit card secured b of a and as well noe wells fargo don't give up there is still approving for secured cards.
Comment 6 by moniqueluv
Re: Approved And Very Happy!!!!!!!! User Icon on 2009-11-10

Remarks Patrick and meya thanks to all of you 2 as well if it wasent for you all by me reading all your comments and application status and scores I would not have been approved for these 2 secured card thanks god bless you all I will keep it good...
Comment 7 by meya
Oh Yeah! User Icon on 2009-11-10

Remarks Wahhoooo!!! Way to go!
Comment 8 by patrick12
Congratulations! User Icon on 2009-11-11

Remarks Congratulations Monique! That is exCiting news! I have been where you are and it feels great to start establishing credit with prime banks, I am most certain that Wells Fargo will take great care of you! Keep your utilization very low and use your card alot, believe me you will go unsecured in no time! I just paid all my cards off, and closed a few out, not all of them though, but I want to raise my score and let my other accounts age a lil bit! I would also suggest getting a Macys card, they are great to start out on, and maybe a Kohl's if you have these stores in your area! Again congrats and good luck!
Comment 9 by gxc
Re: UNDER REVIEW User Icon on 2010-07-23

Remarks Mine was under review as well, but then was declined. Has this happened to anyone? I'm applying for the Bank of America Secured Card to see what happens
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