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Written by: moniqueluv on 2009-10-21

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moniqueluv's review: I just call the number for kays and I spoke to josh I was afraid applying because I'm starting to build credit and don't have any revolving acct my FICO with equifaxs is 636 and I advice him that I have a collection acct from 8 months ago and to my surprised he said I was approved for 4,500 so I'm glad also I decided to apply with bestbuy and I was declined due to limited credit history so I called and speak to a superviser and said that she was going to over turned so I could be approved then she said to faxs my statement of my car for proof since it showed being disputed I adviced her it was a mistake from equifaxs then I faxs it and I call back and another superviser was denying myapplication so I escalated to ceo because the previous superviser said she was going to reconsider it so tommorrow I should be getting a response hopefully I get approved I will escalated till it gets approved what are my chances? But for kays I'm happy and I did it through phone so anyone interested call and just speak to a credi analyst before applying and they will let you know before if you tell them what your credi looks like.

they pulled equifaxs


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Approved And Shocked on 2009-10-22

Nice limit for over-the-phone! Way to go, they are really cool, customer service is wonderful, and I never had a problem with them so far!
Comment 2 by moniqueluv
Re: Approved And Shocked on 2009-10-22

Thanks I want to know now that I have kays how much would my monthly payments be. And does these card reports to all 3 credit bureaus. Also I applied for the b of a secured card what are my chances of being approved cause I do have a collection from 10 months ago please advice me and help me... I really want to rebuild my credit
Comment 3 by patrick12
Re: Approved And Shocked on 2009-10-22

Yes! Kays reports to all three bureaus! I would also suggest applying for Jared and JB Robinson Jewelers like I did, they all 3 are owned and operated by Sterling Jewelers, and normally what ever your limit was for Kay they will match for the other 2, as far as a secured card goes, with your score I would try Capital One, Hooters, Credit One Bank, any GEMB card, for example, Wal-Mart, Belk, Lowes, ect... They are not secured and report to all three as well!
Comment 4 by moniqueluv
Re: Approved And Shocked on 2009-10-22

Thanks patrick but for capital one I did the prequalified and its says I'm not qualified but ill just wait on the answer for b of a secured hope they approved I did told them they can deduct 500.00 from my savings by the way what creditor does hooters pulls. I'm interested on hooters card thanks
Comment 5 by patrick12
Re: Approved And Shocked on 2009-10-22

Hooters is an exclusive TransUnion puller.
Comment 6 by meya
Re: Approved And Shocked on 2009-10-26

You monthly payment is according to your balance. When I charged $500, I had to pay $50 per month. Don't take advantage of that too long because the APR is pretty high.
Comment 7 by moniqueluv
Re: Approved And Shocked on 2009-10-26

Thanks meya I've seen you've been very supportive. So can you help me with some questions I just started to rebuild and I only have kays card and new millenium as revolving accts plus my car payment which is an installment loan also waiting on answer from b of a secured card hope they approved me what are my chances or should I just wait 6 more months to show lenght of credit history on revolving but don't forget I have 1 charge off from 2003 and late payment on student loan from 12/2008 please advice. Also student loan id deffered and I hired lexington law to delete the charge off and the student loan what do you think? Thanks
Comment 8 by meya
Re: Approved And Shocked on 2009-10-27

Sure, do me a favor and copy this question over to the link below so we can keep the comments for Kay's relative. Thanks!

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