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Written by: ej24natl on 2009-09-13

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ej24natl's review: Callout Comment Tribute has decided to end its program and notifying customers via mail. I was informed today after my card was declined that they have been closing accounts for various reason in the last year and recently the decision was made to no longer offer the card and to discontinue the program. I was sent a letter that is enroute to me now from tribute.

I had available credit, paid on time, never over the limit--so I called and asked what happened and I was informed that it was nothing that I did wrong.

I was about to reach the one year mark. I am not down about it. Although, I was trying to improve my credit with it. Well, I still have my first premier and household bank credit cards. I have a lot of inquiries on my credit and my scores are 560 EQ, 569 EX, and 550 TU and I have a lot of blemishes on my credit. I am not going to apply for any new credit for at least 2 years. I got to let inquiries fall off.

I may get one or two secured cards. In the near future. Such as Public Savings Secured Card (which I heard was great or the last in line, New Millenium. I tried all the big names that offer secured cards and they denied me. Bank of America, WellsFargo, Citi, and so on. All denied, but I understand the banking idustry is putting a halt on credit esp for bad credit risks.

I heard that first premier and household bank both offer second cards. How long will it be (if any of you know) before I am sent a notification that I can apply for a second one?


Comment 1 by cireone
TRIBUTE Out The DOOR User Icon on 2009-09-13

Remarks So another sub-prime, shady card company is leaving this earth. But don't hold your breath, it gets reincarnated as another branded card. Bu tit sucks that your outstanding history with them will no longer continue. As for First Premier, I f I remember after like 6mo of good payment history they start offering the second card but IDK if its worth it. You may just end up getting the same CL with the same fees to pay back, so essentially your paying double to them. Have you tried Orchard Bank?????
Comment 2 by colonative
Secured Card User Icon on 2009-09-13

Remarks I am sure these companies are closing up shop because of the CARD Act that will become law by February 2010.

If you are looking at secured cards anway, I suggest looking into US Bank, Bank of America and Citibank (as long as you have not charged off or included one of these banks in a bankruptcy). Or if you belong to a credit union or can join one, see what kind of secured card program they offer.

Cards like Tribute and First Premier should be a last resort.
Comment 3 by patrick12
Im In The Same Boat User Icon on 2009-09-17

Remarks I am wondering if they are going to issue us another card, the reason being, they are giving us a new account number, who knows, maybe this change is for the best, its very painful to pay the fees, go through all the hassle, just to have them close us down. Its not our faults that they made poor business decisions when we were following the rules, but it wasn't fair to see how they treated other card holders in the past either. They did some shadey things along the way.
Comment 4 by devil
Tribute Sucks User Icon on 2009-09-18

Remarks As we all know they have closed all are cards, well this will piss you off even more I spoke to the non English speaking CS and was informed that they are still going to charge us interest on accounts that they have closed I think this is an outrage and I had there card for 3 years perfect pay history and now I am screwed. After all I did not break the agreement they did
Comment 5 by brownfox79
Tribute Card User Icon on 2009-09-18

Remarks To all, don't forget to inquire about the AF we paid. I just called b/c I paid the ugly $150 AF in April and was told it will be prorated and refunded on my next billing cycle. 18 months of on time payments and this is what I get. Thx Tribute!!
Comment 6 by yoyo11
Yep User Icon on 2009-09-24

Remarks My card was closed too... Had about 2 1/2 years...
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