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Written by: iantha1 on 2009-09-01

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iantha1's review: I went to the cap one web site and applied for the secured card over two weeks ago. Apone filling out the app. After I clicked enter it said congrats your fees have been waived and you will get the unsecured card. Today I got an email from cap one stating my card was on its way. So I call customer service and spoke to a very nice rep that stated my limit was just 200 $ !. So I told the rep how dissapointed I was and she advised me that as long as I stay under the limit and make my pymt on time buy the 4 statment id get a credit increas of 300$ and then by the 7th statement id have a increase of 250 giving me a 750 credit limit.... I must say I'm going to take them up on this offer and pay my bal in full every month and I look forward to the growth of this line of credi first. This is my first cap 1 card.

also this is the Platnium MasterCard classic from cap 1

apr 17.8% and on cash adv 24.9%


Comment 1 by kdb030609
Congratulations ! on 2009-09-01

What were you credit scores when you applied? Sounds like you credit is doing better than you thought. Keep up the good work on building your credit. It always feels good to be approved for the unsecured line of credit! If you follow their instructions as they say. Before you know it you'll have a card with a higher limit than what they told you.
Comment 2 by iantha1
Update on 2009-09-01

Yes my scores were trans- 598/ eqfx= 590/ Ex- ?
Comment 3 by colonative
It Is A Start on 2009-09-01

Capital One is a good bank because they will grow with you. $200 is a start and it sounds like it is not going to cost you anything. Take it and run with it.

Comment 4 by iantha1
Thanks on 2009-09-02

I do recall the rep telling me I can customize the card on the web site with personal pictures and ext. I think I may does this...
Comment 5 by lilmama
Approved Too on 2009-09-02

I have been trying to leave feedback for this card but it seems to be nonexistent. I was just approved for Capital One also. The card is $500 limit, $29 AF and 19.8% variable APR. Rewards program too which is good, 2% cash back on gas/food and 1% back on all other purchases. I am not sure about the limits, but I think that I will try to get a CLI after the 4th statement also. I am post BK 1.5 years and currently (4/09) received a auto loan with Capital One also for $14,000. I last applied 10/07 and was still nervous to get a denial since it was not instant, it went under "approval". Scores are in the low 600's across the board.
Comment 6 by rsty99
Re: Approved ... on 2009-12-09

Yes just make your payments and you will get your credit increase. Congrats.
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