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Written by: kdb030609 on 2009-07-31

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kdb030609's review: Callout Comment Applied online on June 29th. I had to send additional info to confirm Identity. On Tuesday July 28th called the application number. They said approved & I would receive card in 10 business days. The account posted online on 29th with my other Chase account. Chase Bank is definitely safe and secure. Before I was approved for my first Chase card. They called and asked several questions to confirm identity. They seem to be very secure. I received $5500 CL 13.24% APR No Annual Fee. My Scores EX-718 EQ-735 TU-753. I feel like I have defintely been shown some love by Chase Bank. Bank of America better watch out.


Comment 1 by colonative
Congrats! User Icon on 2009-07-31

Remarks Congrats on your new account. Good to see approvals these days.
Comment 2 by charonh
Congratulations! User Icon on 2009-07-31

Remarks On your new card.
Comment 3 by brian23
Good Job And... User Icon on 2009-07-31

Remarks Congrats on the new account. And decent CL you got there.
Comment 4 by kdb030609
Thanks For All The Help And Time User Icon on 2009-08-01

Remarks I definitely feel like I've gained a lot. Since I found Finance Globe I definitely have gained a lot of usefull Info. Everyone here deserves a congratulations
Comment 5 by wanderer
CONGRATS! Chase User Icon on 2009-08-02

Remarks There is hope!
Comment 6 by meya
WooHooo User Icon on 2009-08-02

Remarks You have lifted a lot of people spirits in here. A lot of people in here has thrown in the red towel for this bank. Glad to hear of your approval! Way to go, and thanks for the well informed post.
Comment 7 by tia530
Way 2 Go! User Icon on 2009-08-04

Remarks Congrats
Comment 8 by kdb030609
Correction To Original Post User Icon on 2009-08-04

Remarks I looked online at my new account. I found that there was a charge on it for a $60 annual fee. Don't I feel dumb! I looked at the terms and conditions online. I don't know how I missed it. Well on a good note it is a Visa Signature card. I hope the rewards are worth it. I Guess I'd better give this card a good work out and get my money's worth. Lol
Comment 9 by ari
Hoorah! For The Plastic Addicted User Icon on 2009-09-15

Remarks I'm sure the Chase logo looks so good in your wallet! LOL
Comment 10 by kdb030609
Re: United Rewards Plus By Chase User Icon on 2009-09-29

Remarks Yes it looks good with my other Chase perfect card! Lol
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