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Written by: yellowd1 on 2009-07-27

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yellowd1's review: Callout Comment I had this card for a little while and it was reporting to 3 bureaus. The next thing I knew it was pulled from my reports. I later found out the bureaus(Experian,Equifax) no longer report their tradelines. TransUnion may be following them in a little while. Such a waste of my money- as the jewelry is not the best by any means. I guess the card is ok for those who need someone reporting. My cl was 2500 as they will practically give anyone "credit", a downpayment is required.


Comment 1 by jerica
Crown Jewelers User Icon on 2009-07-27

Remarks Hi, I feel if crown jewelers does not get ex to report again they are going to lose a lot of business and people will look eleswhere like Kays for example.
Comment 2 by yellowd1
Crown Jewelers??! User Icon on 2009-07-27

Remarks Yes, we need more than 1 bureau reporting these T. L. S!!
Comment 3 by wanderer
Contact The Creditor User Icon on 2009-08-02

Remarks Sometimes things happen... Contact your creditor and let them know you were hoping for reporting to all three bureaus. Mention you had two bureaus and now down to one. I have had this happen. Sometimes things just happen. Speakup and ask for their help!
Comment 4 by marie7
Comment User Icon on 2009-09-06

Remarks I have this card and it was really helping my credit... Then bingo gone from two reports... Ugh... Will not buy any overpriced jewelry until it reports again to at least two!
Comment 5 by lilmama
Closed My Account User Icon on 2009-09-11

Remarks I had an account with them too. Started off with $2,500 and required down payment. Then after 6 months they dropped me down to $500 without down payment. I only ordered one item ever. Then I too saw they stopped reporting and I canceled my account. I opened one up at Kay's instead with a $1,500 starting limit. It sucks they stopped reporting, but they helped pave a way and open more doors to me while they were reporting to at least 2.
Comment 6 by roughdraft
Does Not Report On Credit Score User Icon on 2011-03-01

Remarks Perhaps some of the information I read was from some time ago, but I was under the impression that they reported to all 3. I asked, and they confirmed that they do not report your activity. This is from the actual response, sent on 02/28/2011.

As of Sept 2009, we are not reporting to any credit bureaus.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We appreciate your business very much. If you have questions, please feel free to write us back.

Thank you.

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