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Written by: patrick12 on 2009-07-16

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patrick12's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card yesterday, got the 7-10 day message, keep your fingers crossed for me, Equifax FICO at the time was 611, two baddies on my report, but other than that 12 perfect paid trade lines and one auto installment loan, also have 10 inquires, I would love to have a CITI card, I love their rewards and hear that cusomer service is top notch!


Comment 1 by meya
Re:Patrick 12 User Icon on 2009-07-16

Remarks I will keep my fingers crossed for you, I sort of like these guys too. But, I do have one thing to say, the 2 baddies that is on your Cr, I would hope they have not updated within the last 2 years because that was my reason for being denied. I called in and talked to a specialist, and was told that I could have stand a chance for approval, but since the baddie was updated like less than a year ago, it is grounds for denial. But, I was encouraged to reapply when it is gone, or after two years of the update. This really made me feel more better about my chances for future apps with them.
Comment 2 by patrick12
Thanks User Icon on 2009-07-16

Remarks Thanks for the advice Meya I apprecite it, I know what my odds are, but I also know that sometimes we get lucky and things go our way, but I totally appreciate your advice and welcome any comment that you have to share with me and others, if it wasn't for this site and the people who have made this a success, I wouldnt be in the postion I am now, every day that goes by it gets a little bit better and better!
Comment 3 by jerica
Citi Card User Icon on 2009-07-16

Remarks I hope you get this card, as I have heard if you have paid or unpaid baddies on your cr CitI will not touch you. I have a few baddies so would never think of applying, hope you get lucky maybe it will inspire me to apply. Good Luck
Comment 4 by jerica
Citi Card User Icon on 2009-07-16

Remarks Sorry, I meant to add on my thread 3 years or younger for baddies. Good Luck once again
Comment 5 by charonh
Hmmmm User Icon on 2009-07-16

Remarks I have my fingers crossed for you. Citi is being very conservative right now and are lowering credit lines. Good luck, Citi is a good bank overall.
Comment 6 by coolkidny
Citi Cards User Icon on 2009-07-16

Remarks I have two Citi cards and have had them for about 2 years and just recently had the limits slashed in half on both of them. Good Luck with the approval. I got the 7-10 days response and was approved.
Comment 7 by thomas1
CITI User Icon on 2009-07-17

Remarks Let us know when you get the decision from Citi. They are very strange with their approvals. Sometimes people with perfect credit, even high 700's are denied, while someone with scores even at 600 are approved.

There is no real rhyme or reason for it, sometimes CitI will go on an approval spree, especially near the fall season is when they used to approve a lot of people, probably gearing up for all the holiday season spending. Also, Citi uses geographical location in making decisions on approval, where they will really market to a very specific region of the country. I'm not sure if they still do this, but they used to.

I know they have been on a slashing spree just like a lot of other issuers, so everyone keep your utilization low on them.

Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!
Comment 8 by patrick12
Meya! User Icon on 2009-07-17

Remarks I was thinking, I have a Macy's card, that is through Citi Bank, would that help my chances? Just wondering, so far, no email telling me that I am declined, normally that comes a day or two after you submit an application, so nothing as of yet. Also I got a Kohl's card issued by chase bank, so I am hoping that gives me a great credit rating as well seeing as how Chase is so big
Comment 9 by patrick12
Suprise!!!! User Icon on 2009-07-17

Remarks I didn't get approved! Told me to apply in two months, didn't give a reason on the phone, ok everyone, lets grab an ice cold beverage and party till September 15th!
Comment 10 by charonh
Sorry! User Icon on 2009-07-17

Remarks To hear that. This isn't the time to be applying for any new credit or increases IMO. I am trying to stay under the radar. I will not be applying for any new credit until a see a major turnaround in our economy. Its not the end of the world. Life goes on, now you have something to strive for.
Comment 11 by meya
Soooo Sorry! User Icon on 2009-07-17

Remarks I will go and get my cup, its called the "Oh well, at lest I tried"Party! Don't trip, let's all chill in the lounge until this disaster is over. They are on us like hawks ow.
Comment 12 by thomas1
CITI User Icon on 2009-07-17

Remarks Sorry to hear that! Don't worry, the previous posts are correct, now isn't the time to try for more credit, or new credit in my opinion.

Like I said, even the best scores are turned down these days, due to the mess.

Let some time go by, preferably a year or longer if you can wait. Let those newer accounts age with some strong payment history, let your history lengthen up, and those inquiries not count against you after 12 months. Then, hopefully things in the credit market will loosen up, and the banks will be back in full swing looking for business again. With 10 inquiries, and newer accounts is more likely the reason for denial, along with the lower score now. Just give it time. Some people never get in the door at Citi. They are very strange sometimes. Maybe they will solicit you with an invitation to apply later. That may be your best chance until your accounts age further.

Good luck to you
Comment 13 by wanderer
Banks & Lenders Sure Are FIckle! User Icon on 2009-07-24

Remarks Who knows what logic the various lenders use any more. Logical...? Hmmm... Sure makes you wonder!
Comment 14 by calvindai
AAdvantage Bronze MC User Icon on 2009-08-09

Remarks I applied for this card last week and my application is waiting for verification. I mailed them the documents they requested. Hope this is good news!
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