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Written by: denise on 2007-08-23

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denise's review: Callout Comment Applied for the card, received the card and was instructed to make the first payment upon activation. So far, this seemed okay. However, I was skeptical about releasing a copy of my DL. In any event, this company is terrible. In the three months since I have had the card I have only received one bill. I keep calling to request a statement and have been told that it is in the mail. I realized that this was a maneuver by tribute to intentionally make my payments late thus, being in a position to charge me late fees. I beat them to the punch. Every other week because I do not receive statements and do not know my actual due date, I simply have found a check cashing company that takes direct payments for them and I have the gentlemen swipe my card and make 2 to 3 payments every month on the card. I just recently called them again. Customer service sucks and there are no English speaking representatives. It is difficult to understand any thing that they are saying. I was told that my statement was sent out on August 8th it is now August 22nd and still no statement. I have tried repeatedly to register my account online but, I am hit with the message that my card number does not exist. This company and companies like this should really be regulated and fined for such atrocious behavior. We are trying in vain to rebuild what has been undone most of us are responsible and are legitimately trying to do what is right. It seems this company and companies like rent a center etc are taking advantage of those of us who are least able to absorb the backlash.

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Comment 1 by meya
Re: Denise User Icon on 2007-08-23

Remarks Denise, I hate you signed up for this card, but in the meantime, try using Financial Globe's "Search by credit scores" on the home page or simply sign in and get good recommendations on other cards to apply for, This card has the most war stories than any I have ever heard of. So sorry about your experience with them.
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