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Written by: faith on 2009-07-15

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faith's review: Callout Comment Approved for $5,000 CL. EQ 667, TR and EX low 700's. Recently closed BB Mastercard and Household Bank 2% Reward (limit decreased from $2,000 to $300) due to economy so they say), both issued by HSBC. Figured I would apply for an HSBC card since they've been very good to my husband. Orchard Bank Platinum MasterCard still going strong after 4 years, with a credit limit of $2,150. So I guess you can close HSBC issued cards and apply for another.


Comment 1 by eugene66
Congrats! User Icon on 2009-07-15

Remarks On your new card. I've read that if you are at the max number of cards with them, you can close one and apply for another one in place of it.
Comment 2 by colonative
HSBC User Icon on 2009-07-15

Remarks So you closed one HSBC card because they did a credit limit decrease and so you opened another HSBC? Aren't you afraid that they may do it again?

Great credit line for an HSBC card by the way.

Comment 3 by faith
Nope!! User Icon on 2009-07-15

Remarks Targeted Household Bank card holders... And if for some strange reason they do target HSBC card holders (not Orchard or Household Bank), it's their money...
Comment 4 by colonative
Re: Nope!! User Icon on 2009-07-15

Remarks Yeah I just read HJM's comment in the forum, that this is not a sub prime card. You are right, Household and Orchard are the sub primers.

Congrats again on your new card.
Comment 5 by faith
Thanks! User Icon on 2009-07-15

Remarks If in the future my account status changes, I'll definitely post for everyone. Thanks for the support!!
Comment 6 by wanderer
Congrats! User Icon on 2009-07-15

Remarks You do have the bead on HSBC, Household Finance and Orchard Bank. Yes, HSBC Cards are regular cards NOT sub-prime. Today I have an HSBC Platinum Mastercard Cash Back and a $6K line of credit with 8.99% interest. Also I have HSBC American Express Card with an $8K line of credit and a 9.9% interest and I earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent. I really like the cards and HSBC has been good to me. You do have a great handle on the game of credit!!!
Comment 7 by ashes
This Is A Good Card User Icon on 2009-07-17

Remarks I have had this for 3+ years. Started off at $2500 and now it is at $7000. Note this card usually doesn't get auto CLIs but there is a love button on their website which you can use every 6 months and it is not a hard pull. The max you get however is $1000 per click and don't click more than once every 6 months.

Congrats. I have nothing but good things to say about this card.
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