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Written by: yanira on 2007-08-23

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yanira's review: Callout Comment Against my better judgment I applied for this card. I didn't get a reply in fact they instantly told me that the system was not responding therefore they had to notify me by mail... That sounds like not approved to me. The thing is that I hate when these cards claim to process your application immediately yet don't. I'll keep everyone posted. There were mixed reviews here as to what report they pull but my scores are TU-681 EQ-670 Exp- 663...


Comment 1 by deborah
Re: Yanira User Icon on 2007-08-23

Remarks Not sure but seems anything connected w/ Amex pulls from Exp., they did me. My scores 613-651. I'm rooting for you! I went crazy too and applied for Amex Blue recently... They gracefully turned me down and stated that "... It has been our experience that applicants who do not meet our requirements at one time may qualify later on." Got my fingers crossed for you!!! Good luck!!
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Yanira User Icon on 2007-08-23

Remarks Good Luck girlfriend. I got turned down by this card about one month ago. My scores then were in the mid 600's but my denial was for... Too many inquiries, one judgment from 99, one late payment from my car in 2002, and 2 medical bills from 2001 both combined is only $400 bucks. But they questioned if I had any derog's within the last two years. I had none within the last two years. So I felt encouraged and got slapped with a quick denial... Lol I wish you all the luck.
Comment 3 by yanira
Waiting User Icon on 2007-08-23

Remarks Do any of you Amex experts know how long it should take for them to let me know whether I got it or not? And how long do I wait before I contact someone? I know I'm very impatient. In this day and age I want everything like yesterday.
Comment 4 by deborah
Re: Yanira Waiting User Icon on 2007-08-23

Remarks I'm certainly no expert... But I just recently waited 13 days to hear from the Amex Blue. I did call them 6 days after I applied... They said it was in review. Then waited 7 days after that for my answer.
Comment 5 by yanira
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! User Icon on 2007-08-24

Remarks So I called the number on the website directly because it changed my status to in progress... The lady told me I was approved with a 4500 credit limit!!! My highest thus far! I'm soooo excited. And I must thank everyone one here for their advice. I went by the comments for this card and took a chance. I would've never thought I could get this card before coming on this site... It truely rocks!

To think that 3 months go I couldn't even get a Walmart store card! Those of you who gave all the great AMEX advice (you know who you are) - thanks!

Comment 6 by meya
Re: Yanira User Icon on 2007-08-24

Remarks Ohhh my God! You go-with-your-bad-self! That is such wonderful news to hear. I am soooo happy for you Yanira. This news has my mouth dropped. I am pretty sure where you got your confidence from (we know who you are... Lol). See, this is how we do it here at Financial Globe, members with experienced stories who share info to encourage others to apply. Wait until everyone reads this one. Oh but wait a minute... The credit limit is to die for. This will really boost your scores up.
Comment 7 by deborah
YES!! YANIRA!! User Icon on 2007-08-24

Remarks Congrats!! Congrats!!! Way to go!!! SOOO happy for you!!!
Comment 8 by lyd
Need Info For Delta Amex Please.... User Icon on 2008-05-18

Remarks Hi Yanira,

I'm interested in knowing what phone number you are referring to in your comment that changed your status. I keep getting letters from Delta for this card and I am a frequent flyer holder but I've hesitated b/c I've still got a few baddies (maybe 5 total and they're old) so what do you think and could you supply me with that number? Many thanks,

Comment 9 by meya
Ugh Stop User Icon on 2008-05-18

Remarks Dont try it, wait until it is gone. Amex is pretty strict on baddies, even though this card has been posted as pretty much easier than the rest. I was straight denied.
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