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Written by: patrick12 on 2009-07-02

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patrick12's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card yesterday because I was ready to graduate to a prime card, any way, I filled out my application and wanted to secure the card with $300.00, and hit the submit button, after about 30 seconds is says Congratulations! Your application has been received! So I checked my email later in the day to only find out that I had been declined! I called them and wanted to ask some questions about why I was denied and the gentlemen I spoke with was short with me on the phone and said that they would be mailing me a letter with the reasons! Whatever! Oh and by the way they pulled my Experian File, don't know what my score was. Just though I would share this information.


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Sorry That Happened To You User Icon on 2009-07-02

Remarks I got approved, had them take money out my account to hurry the processed... Had a BK on my credit... If you have one... Forget Bank of America
Comment 2 by wanderer
BofA Frustration User Icon on 2009-07-03

Remarks Feel your pain and frustration. Originally I applied for a BofA Platinum Visa and was denied but they countered with a"secured card".
Comment 3 by qchau
Bank Of America Credit Cards User Icon on 2009-07-03

Remarks My spouse has a Visa with Bank of America for more than 5 years with credit line was $12,000 - she went oversea and forgot to paid just 1 bill (missed once) - Bank of America decreased her credit line down to $1,200 - next following year (2009), they did it again and now she has only $700 credit line - I think she needs to think about to keep or closed this one and looks for other credit cards.
Comment 4 by tia530
Try.... User Icon on 2009-07-05

Remarks Sorry BofA denied you, have you checked your experian score? if that is in fact why you were denied, maybe some other cocka-mamey reason.

National City has a secured Visa, and as another poster pointed out, Orchard Bank is decent as well.

Hope someone let you in the door.

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