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Written by: mskarma on 2009-06-30

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mskarma's review: Callout Comment I was approved today for a 880 CL. I had to go into the store because they were unable to verify my identity online due to a fraud alert on my credit file(that I know I requested to have removed). I thought I may get a higher limit. For the most part I am ok with it. I was wondering how often do they give credit limit increases. I have low limits of 300 on my other cards. This will be the highest besides Crown Jewelers which is suspect being that they only report to TransUnion. I am trying to rebuild and I heard and read from other reviews this was a great card to have. I love their jewelry better than Crown's because theirs look so cheap :). Does anyone know any other good credit rebuild cards. I have 2 First Premier Cards and 1 Orchard bank card. Good Luck to those who apply, I think they are worth the hard pull on the credit file.

TU 648 EQ 654 and EXP (per Kay) 635... I was glad that the Kay rep was able to give me my EXP score.


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Congrad User Icon on 2009-06-30

Remarks Hello and congrads on your Kay's card. Starting off I had two (2) first premiers and orchard bank card just like you. Next came Tribute (don't recommend due to high fee) and Salute (out of business). You may try Orchard/HSBC/Household. You have have two cards with them... Apply for the pre-approval first.

Capital One has a pre-approval process as well. Trust me I wrote letters and tried 4 times with Captial One until one day I got a pre-approval in the mail. First Premier Bank is my longer trade card 2 years 8 months... So I'm keeping it open. My score was about 450-480 in one year it went up to 580 now I'm at 650...(true Fico's). Good luck and keep up with the good work.
Comment 2 by meya
Way To Go! User Icon on 2009-06-30

Remarks Yes, this is a good card and they have lovely jewelry. Here is a link that you can follow for "Nice Cards to Apply for!"


If you don't mind can you share your credit scores with us? I will add it back into the original review once you post.
Comment 3 by mskarma
Thanks!! User Icon on 2009-07-01

Remarks Yoyo11, Yea, I wanted to get Kay card for awhile, I waited a year to apply. Cap1 may be a good option too but I have been denied in the past so I am skeptical about applying with them.

Thanks for the encouragement. I would like to get a Macy's card because they are very generous with the CLI, do you know what CRA they use? And what score range? Thanks!!!
Comment 4 by meya
Re:MsKarma User Icon on 2009-07-01

Remarks Thanks for scores, I added them to the review for you.

Macy's pulled from Ex on me ( I do believe) but they can use others as well depending on how busy the system is, if you have a freeze, and depending on the area you live in. They are heavy Ex pullers, but use this link to see which CB they used on members here.


Good Luck!... Oh PS, make sure you go into the store if you decide to apply, the limits are usually higher and u have better chances at approvals since they can verify you on the spot.
Comment 5 by mskarma
Thanks Meya User Icon on 2009-07-01

Remarks Oh I forgot to add thank you for the link the information there was very helpful.

Do you know if Kay reports right away or do you need to purchase something first. Which I do not mind purchasing something small. I do want to waste too many inquiries because me and my husband will be applying for a mortgage soon but it had been a year before I applied for any other cc. I wanted to bump my CL's up though I hover btwn 9-17% before the Kay card. Is that ok percentage.
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