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Written by: hjm331 on 2009-06-23

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hjm331's review: I applied for this card about a week and a half ago and I checked the status of my application online and it said approved for $2,500. The reason why I applied for this card is because I wanted to take advantage of the cash back rewards and to stick with BoA.

I haven't received the card yet but I know I'm going to enjoy using this card.

I checked my FICO scores about two weeks ago and both of them (TU & EQ) were between 660-680. I'm sure BoA didn't pull EX because I put it on freeze last week. I will update later and post the CB they pulled but I'm pretty sure it was TU.


Comment 1 by wanderer
CONGRATS! on 2009-06-23

Nice... You will enjoy the extra perks that go with the American Express part of the card. And as you know BofA rocks!
Comment 2 by rabbit713
Congratulations! on 2009-06-23

Congrats on your American Express buddy!
Comment 3 by meya
Way To Go! on 2009-06-23

I am so proud of you, you have been coming up on these cool limits with prime. Yeah, I don't blame you, get all the rewards advantage you can. You have come a long way Baaaabbbyyy!

PS, Hey when you get a chance, edit your review and add your scores to the original review. If you don't see where you can do so, send it to me in a personal message and I will copy and paste it there for you.
Comment 4 by rwmtd
Congrats on 2009-06-24


On your approval for the BofA Amex.
Comment 5 by hjm331
RE: on 2009-06-24

Thanks everyone! I'm going to use this card heavily and PIF each month so the interest charges won't interfere with my rewards.

I checked my FICO scores about two weeks ago and both of them (TU & EQ) were between 660-680. I'm sure BoA didn't pull EX because I put it on freeze last week. I will update later and post the CB they pulled but I'm pretty sure it was TU.
Comment 6 by colonative
Congrats on 2009-06-24

On your new card, I am thinking about converting one of my BofA's to this as soon as the 0% APR runs out.

You still have your BofA Visa right? Did they instantly approve you for the new card or did they have to ask you some questions first?
Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: Colonative on 2009-06-24

Yes, I still have my Visa which makes it $7k altogether. They didn't instantly approve my application, they gave me the "we need more time to process your application" message.
Comment 8 by colonative
HJM on 2009-06-25

Yeah, they did that to me too in January when I applied for my Signature card. I finally called to see what the deal was and they asked like 20 questions before they approved it.

Congrats again.
Comment 9 by hjm331
RE: on 2009-06-25

Did you ask them for a CLI before you received the card? I asked for a CLI online and they gave me a number to call. Has that happened to you or anyone else?
Comment 10 by thomas1
Congrats on 2009-06-26

Congrats on your approval! I have been checking this one out for awhile, but i'll wait awhile longer before I decide.

I don't have any cards with BOA because of personal reasons, all with Citi, Discover, HSBC

I have a recently approved mortgage, back in 10/08, and I want at least 12 good months with Wells Fargo before anymore credit.

My Citi Amex terms changed from 8.99% up to 13.99%. What kind of APR, etc. Did you get with this one? How are the rewards tiered? My scores are all in the 730 range, but I know they can be stiff about new accounts these days. Hope you enjoy the card!
Comment 11 by colonative
HJM/THOMAS! on 2009-06-26

I didn't ask for a CLI. They were actually going to decline the app, and this was with an 800 bureau score... I had to talk to Card Services. I spoke to a lady named Rose in NJ and she asked me a ton of questions, namely why did I apply (I have 1% utilization, 12 credit cards and pretty high amounts of available credit so it set of red flags I guess) I told her that it was for the 15 months of 0% APR and the $25 statement credit. She finally said they could approve the card but that they needed to take $5K from my Visa Gold in order to approve it. So now my Visa Gold is at $15K :-( It used to be my highest limit at $20K. Oh well. On the plus side I have to say that BofA Visa Signature is a handsome card LOL.

Thomas! Where have you been?? Good to see you again.
Comment 12 by david29
Congrats!! on 2009-06-27

I applied for this card a week ago to be exactly on 06/17, my EQ was 725 and Ex was over 700 and they denied my application, they say that I have too many inquiries, they pull EX and for my bad luck I had 12 inquiries on 12/08, so I was wondering freeze my EX CR, so they can pull my EQ cause I don't have inquiries, any suggestion

thank you
Comment 13 by hjm331
RE:David29 on 2009-06-28

It would be a good idea to freeze EQ and apply again within the next 3-4 months. I don't know where you're located but BoA usually pulls EX. If EX is frozen, they will most likely pull TU so make sure you're TU report is clean before applying.
Comment 14 by david29
RE: Hjm331 on 2009-06-28

Thanks Hjm331, Im in florida, I request CLI two months ago and they pull EQ, so I think If I apply again and my EX its freeze, they gonna pull EQ
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