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Written by: ashes on 2009-06-15

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ashes's review: Callout Comment This month my APR was increased from 12.99% to 17.80% without any notice in mail. I have decent credit (750+ on all 3 bureaus, never late and no baddies) and while I was expecting the increase in APR, I was also expecting something in the mail. No notice, just online statement saying my purchase APR is now 17.80%.

I am going to demote this card to the sock drawer. Despite having this card for 5+ years and this being one of my oldest cards, I have no intention of using it but once a year so it doesn't go inactive on me. With this jacked up rate, it will sit in the sock drawer for a very long time.

I have never carried a balance and always paid in full every month since I have had the card. Now I won't be using it at all but once a year. As I have always said, Capital One is not a true prime card. Chase, Bank Of America and Citi tend to treat their prime customers much better.

Sayonara Capital One!


Comment 1 by colonative
Don't Take It Personally User Icon on 2009-06-15

Remarks They have raised almost everybodies rates. I was lucky that they didn't touch my purchase APR but my cash APR is 24.99%.

I received several notices from Capital One, it is possible that you discarded yours or that it got lost.

Everybody and I mean everybody is jacking rates, across the board-people with 800 bureau scores and 500 bureau scores. It is the sign of the times so please do not take it personally.
Comment 2 by ashes
It Isn't Personal User Icon on 2009-06-15

Remarks But it hardly makes for good business model to raise interest rates on prime customers. My Chase, Discover, BofA, HSBC and RBS have not raised the rates on me. Only CapitalOne did that to me. I pay in full every month so it doesn't matter as much but I will not be keeping a balance on this one. My RBS Mastarcard is still at 8% APR.
Comment 3 by meya
Welcome User Icon on 2009-06-16

Remarks They hit me up too and I was never late with them or anyone else. I know the feeling. :(
Comment 4 by colonative
I Hear You User Icon on 2009-06-16

Remarks Knock on wood, My Chase is at 7.99% for over 6 years now and my BofA has been at 9.9% since 2001. Who knows what prompts them to do it, but I think we will see more before it gets better.
Comment 5 by ashes
What Is Surprising User Icon on 2009-06-17

Remarks CapitalOne was one of the banks that passed the govt. "stress test" and didn't need to raise any more capital from public. Now you know why. They just keep charging more and more. When it came to CapitalOne, they spared no one. Everyone had their rates hiked. Like I always say, CapitalOne is a good second chance company. Not at the level where Chase, Citi and Bank Of America are.
Comment 6 by wanderer
Capital One Rates User Icon on 2009-06-18

Remarks Agreed! My rates went from 7.9% to 17.9% purchases and cash from 7.9% to 24.9%. GADS! Closed one account and am paying heavily to lose my new 17.9% balance. Called them and Capitalone reviewed my account to adjust the rates back down (the people felt mine should be reduced) the computer would NOT accept a lower rate. Note account always paided on time and usually in full.
Comment 7 by qchau
Scores For The Card User Icon on 2009-06-25

Remarks Hi,

does anyone has experience with which cards or banks would approved for scores: 685, 692 and 709?

Comment 8 by tia530
Same Deal User Icon on 2009-07-06

Remarks Cap 1 got me on an interest rate hike also, I received two notices, only have one card though. I rarely use it and PIF when I do. I have an auto loan with them as well, two years, both are clean, guess they're letting everyone have it. I'm just happy they can't increase my auto loan interest rates, then again, they may be able to, who can read all of the fine print in those agreements?

Qchau, my scores are/were similar to yours, I received Citi, BofA Amex, Discover More, Chase, National City Rewards Visa, Shell (Citi) as far as "prime" is concerned. I also have a few "subs" in the folio as well.

good luck
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