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Written by: lindalu on 2009-06-14

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lindalu's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card a couple days ago because I have heard people with bk have been approved. I didn't get an instant denial but got 7-10 day message saying it was up for further review. I know that more than like that means a denial... But I have been people get cards sent to them when they got the 7 to 10 day message... I remember years ago that happended to me and I did get a card.

I don't think my score was high enough but my inquiry slate was clean and not lates and my utlization just went down when I applied as I noticed my cc companies finally reported larger payments to the agencies.

crossing my fingers but that 7 to 10 day message sure is discouraging.


Comment 1 by colonative
7-10 Day Message User Icon on 2009-06-14

Remarks This was the card you were talking about it the forums right? Or was it an airline card? Fingers are crossed for you.
Comment 2 by meya
Crossed! User Icon on 2009-06-14

Remarks They are known for the 7-10 day message, and a lot of times it is an approval. They offered me $500 for the Travelocity, and I swear, they won't budge for a cli for nothing in the world. Even with my util lowering. Oh well, I feel good knowing others got it, at least it let's me know that I might stand a chance some where in the future... Lol. Good Luck!
Comment 3 by lindalu
Are They Known For That? User Icon on 2009-06-14

Remarks Thanks Meya, I didn't know they were known for that!... I actually applied for the u. S. Airways mc also of theirs.( I know there goes the inquiries !) but I haven't had any for for almost a year..

I did however get the target store card the other day that I reviewed on... That gave me encouragement.

I wanted the Visa but what the heck!

Did you go to their site that it says you can check the application status? I did once before when I applied for them and I was afraid that threw me into a denial before they had a chance to review it.

It just printed up a letter with the day you check it with your name address etc and gives reasons for denial so I am afraid to check it... It said I will get an email when it was processed. I am glad to hear that they give that message alot... I don't want to get my hopes up but I just want to move beyond my past financial mistakes and have that great credit record I was had for decades!.
Comment 4 by lobsterboy
The Waiting Game User Icon on 2009-06-14

Remarks This last week I applied for a few cards since I reduced mine 10 years ago and now want to put my kids on as AU accounts to help build beginning credit. So I applied for Citi Plat and they pulled EX with my Ex true score (not Fico of 763) and stated 7-10 days. I pay for all 3 cra's monthly and check online every few days and 3 days later I saw the hard inquiry and one day later poof it was showing up as a tradeline with a 4800 limit. So the point of this is to tell you it is not a denial when you get this message. I did nine apps and used the information from many forums to figure out who pulled what and what score was needed. What I discovered was half the information on the internet is incorrect with what cra is pulled for what company. My true Fico was 806 and each app brought the score done around 12 points then back up a few points 3 days I found out the cards that were "easy" to get I was instantly denied for with no neg. Information. I was denied for Hooters and Kroger and got instant Bloomongdales, VS, Macys, Amex Hilton a 10,000 limit CU which also gave instant approval for a 25k auto loan I do not need. Best Buy store card was instant approval and gave a 400 cli that I did not ask for when I called in for security challenge questions. What I have discovered is that everyone is quite careful now due to previous fraud that is why in store once they check your identity they will give you more perks. Bloomingdales gave me instant 1800 and stated they would also give me a jewelry account and a large purchase account seperately. I used my new Macy account today with just my online info they gave me today, they asked me for my zip code and stated I would get an additional 20 percent off the back end of the statement and informed me that any day I add an AU to the account they will get an additional 20 percent for 2 days also. I would make sure you see your reports before you apply for anything and know the guidelines in advance. If you get low limits in the beginning just pay on time for 3 billing cycles and they will start giving cli's!

I will post the cards next week when I have them in my hands.
Comment 5 by rockin35
Barclays Bank User Icon on 2009-06-14

Remarks If this card is backed by Barclays' Bank, then they are farely stingy with credit line increases. I have the DirecTV Visa card, low credit line $1300, they do not give out that many increases until you've been with them over a year and even that limit is small. Overral the card's they back are good with customer service and the online account pmt transactions. Good Luck!!
Comment 6 by cashcrunch
7-10 Day Msg User Icon on 2009-06-16

Remarks Hi,

It's not always a denial. Sometimes they just need to do further review. It happened to me with Discover. Just when I had forgotten about it, there it was in the mailbox 2 weeks later.

Good luck
Comment 7 by meya
True!!! User Icon on 2009-06-17

Remarks You could have said it no better!
Comment 8 by meya
Re:LindaLu User Icon on 2009-06-17

Remarks Hi buddie, I just updated a thread for you that was related to your question. Please follow the link below!

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