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Written by: qchau on 2009-06-13

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qchau's review: I think this bank and 5/3 bank had changed their guidelines this year - now both banks required 720 or above to qualified for Visa cards - last year, many banks only required 680 or above to qualified for either Visa or MasterCards -

my FICO is 702 but got DECLINE for 5/3 bank Visa card this week (6/2009) -


Comment 1 by jennydean
About Time on 2007-09-18

Comment 2 by meya
Wahoo on 2007-09-18

Way to go... Congrats
Comment 3 by jjennydean
Just Keep Givig Me Cards!!!! on 2007-09-20

500 dollar limit I could care less
Comment 4 by defserv
YUP on 2009-06-14

Yeah, I app'd the other day with about the same score and got a big fat denial...=
Comment 5 by colonative
BofA Or 5/3? on 2009-06-14

So did you get approved for the BofA and declined for 5/3?

That is okay, you don't want a 5th of a 3rd bank anyway LOL. Sorry, poor attempt at a joke.

By the way, if you did get this BofA Platinum Plus does it have a Cardholder Since date on it? My old BofA Visa Gold had it but the replacement card (which also came with a new account number ala MBNA) does not have it. My BofA Visa Signature does though..
Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: on 2009-06-22

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