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Written by: deborah on 2007-08-22

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deborah's review: Callout Comment ... Oh yeah... Denied this one... Rec score 580... But then again credit is via Citi... Should have looked before I applied... And BTW Lowe's denied me, pulled from eqifax (boohoo)... Too many new open accounts in short time!!! I really need to stop now... But I feel like I have OCD w/ this site. I'll try to control myself and just have fun reading the reviews for awhile!!! Thanks!


Comment 1 by meya
Re Deborah User Icon on 2007-08-22

Remarks Thats ok, CitI will not stop us from going somewhere else. We don't need them anyway... Lol. Don't let them stop you from getting the card you deserve, I do know of some more cards that you might get approved for. Unitl then use the "Credit Cards by Score" on the home page and check those out. Try Hooters Mastercard, they gave me $2k for my first try.
Comment 2 by deborah
Oh Yeah! User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks I forgot to update on this card... Denied at first... Called for a reconsider, said to send a current paid on time utility and they would reconsider. Well folks they did and gave me a $1200 CL. They are backed by Citi, didn't know that when I applied... Shocked that Citi gave me anything, but I am greatful. Awful interest rate though.
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Deborah User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks Ohhhh Noooooo! Let me know if I heard you correctly. Did you say Citibank rolled the red carpet out for you? Heheheheheh, gone Deborah with your bad self. I think Citi has came in and read our comments, you think the said, "Well lets make some changes here because we have two women's in FG chopping us up." I am going to tell you like Eric told me, welcome to the Citi family and take them off your scratch list. Lmao. Way to go, but they are still on my scratch-off list. Maybe they will give me some justice in two years, because they claim my denial could not be reconsidered because I have too many new accounts, high utilization, inquiries, and and and and... Oh well I forgot the other ones... Lol.
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