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Written by: kevin on 2007-08-22

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kevin's review: Callout Comment Ok here is the thing my credit was really bad... I mean I had about 20 collection accounts... I had one auto loan where I was paying about 30% in APR... But after having so many late payment my father paid off the loan for me... But after that I started applying for credit cards but no one would give me a card... So I applied for Orchard Bank secured card... For $500 then went online a pulled up my credit report... And called the credit bureau and told them that all of the collection accounts are not my accounts... After a year of doing that over and over most of them got deleted except for two... They are still in my report which is hurting me really bad... I have 3 Orchard Bank secured cards since last year... Which I raised my limit to $1500... Then I applied for Citi student card which I got approved for $2000... After month I got approved for car loan for $35000 and a bike loan for $10000... At same time I paid of the bike in 2 months and I paid about $10000 in my car loan which leaves me with good credit... I don't have any late payment since last two years... But many inquiries... Cuz I keep applying for different cards... I just want a credit card so bad... But with high limits... Does anyone knows what card I can get... I just check my score with all three bureaus... Experian is 603... And other two are 678... Please help me... I want to get a good credit card with high limit... Also does any have any idea of how to remove those two collection account I have... I mean like do I pay them off... Or what should I do... Cuz credit report are not letting me dispute them again over and over...

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Comment 1 by meya
Re: Kevin User Icon on 2007-08-22

Remarks Good questions Kevin, but could you do us one small favor and sign up for the Instant Messaging here so that your questions could be answered as a group. If we go back and forth on the review for the card, it would be loaded with chat instead of individuals reviews about the card itself. When you sign up, please use the same name that you use when you write a review for the card. As for right now, use the "Search for credit cards by scores" in the home page. I do know that Hooters Master Card offer pretty good limits for those with dings in their credit reports, but remember, ever company rates differently according to how many cc's, scores, limits, inquiries, late's, co's, judgment, time history with the card, and so on. Sounds like to me you have too many inquiries and that could hurt you. There are a lot of members here that can recommend a card to you, give us a try and we will do the best we can. Thanks!
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