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Written by: omiej on 2009-06-03

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omiej's review: Callout Comment I applied for a VS card in May 2009 online and was denied. I really don't understand why - My FICO is 691 (not bad), I have 5 lines of open credit - a car payment, three major credit cards, and one charge account. I have NEVER been late on a payment, I have NO BK - I don't get it... The only thing I can think is that I do not have an extensive credit history - but that shouldn't be the reason I'm denied for a store CC maybe a major CC, that I can understand... Was very disappointed especially because I spend so much money with them to begin with


Comment 1 by skeewee08
Call Them User Icon on 2009-06-03

Remarks OmieJ... Sorry to hear about your denial you may want to give them a call I just got approved last week and can give you the number on the back of the card.

When you call them ask them for a reconsideration my DH applied for a Kays card, and was denied because they could not verify employment; Meya told me to call Kays(she gave me the # on the back of her card) we called and they told DH to go to one of there stores and show his most recent pay-stub. And he got approved. So give them a call...

Comment 2 by rockin35
Additional Reasons..... User Icon on 2009-06-03

Remarks WFNNB sometimes denies based on debt/credit utilization, overral debt, amount of recent inquiries, and other reasons. You may want to give them a call and see if they disclose any reasons for the denial or ask when the best time to re-apply. Rockin35
Comment 3 by rabbit713
Credit History! User Icon on 2009-06-03

Remarks Hey girl maybe u were denied because your credit istory has a short life span on file, because you seem to have enough accounts open in good standing, u should wait and re apply for this card in 6 months or when you are in the 700 club.
Comment 4 by colonative
History User Icon on 2009-06-03

Remarks How old are those other accounts that you mentioned? How many inquiries do you have?

If a creditor sees too many new revolving accounts and inquiries in a short amount of time they will think you are loading up to bust out.

All things take time.
Comment 5 by lkazzie
Applied But Waiting For Approval User Icon on 2009-06-05

Remarks I applied for this card about 2 1/2 weeks ago and still haven't heard from them. Called the credit card customer service number but they can't give me status application information. Any suggestions?
Comment 6 by kogeb802
Same Issue User Icon on 2009-06-05

Remarks How did you apply? I applied about 2 weeks ago online... And I haven't got response yet either. Does anyone know y or had this experience too?
Comment 7 by lkazzie
Applied Online Too User Icon on 2009-06-06

Remarks Yeah I applied online as well. So I went into the store today and applied again and got the same message so we'll wait and see if I get anything in the mail.
Comment 8 by qchau
Victor Sec Credit Card User Icon on 2009-06-13

Remarks My may not know there are many banks had changed their guidelines this year 2009 - last year, they used (FICO) 680 score, or above to qualified for Visa or MasterCards - now they used 720 or above - I have exact problem you got before and my recently score is 702, but got DECLINE for 5/3 bank Visa card this week (June/09) - because the economy change and hits banks really bad - no wonder why banks changed their guidelines, rules, etc.

good luck and take care
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