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Written by: skeewee08 on 2009-05-09

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skeewee08's review: Callout Comment Ok Applied on 5/1/2009 did not get an instant approval: received letter stating that they needed to varify my husbands employment.

So I posted on antother review that application was pending; well Meya read my comments and told me to call... So my husband did this afternoon... They told him to go inside one of the stores and show his most recent pay-stub and the letter we did... So he was approved with a credit line of $4500.00. U ROCK Meya!!! Also they did not pull his credit again.

TU 648 EQ 647 EX?

Oh yeah we only spent $600.00 he bought me a pair of earrings and a cross necklace for my birthday:-)

Did I mention Meya ROCKS!!!


Comment 1 by meya
Wahoooo! User Icon on 2009-05-09

Remarks Seems like to me, you are the one ROCKIN and bling-blinging with all that new gold around your neck. You were right on time for Mothers Day... Lol! I am so happy for your hubby, that is a good cl so whatever you do, use it wisely... Lol. I am so happy you took this route, pass the word when someone else has the same incident as your husband. U-GO-GIRL!

PS, thanks for the comment, so I am going to pass it on to the hubby... Lol! Huuummm let me take mines, that might be a hint for me even though he was denied a while ago, he has been coming up with a few cards lately... Lol.
Comment 2 by rockin35
Excellent Credit Limit User Icon on 2009-05-10

Remarks Thats a great credit limit!! I mean that's really good. Kays should considering opening a Visa Line or American Express Line or something. A lot of people get good service from Kays. Congratulations... Rockin35!...
Comment 3 by skeewee08
Limit User Icon on 2009-05-10

Remarks I was pretty shocked as well I think the clerk told the credit rep how much my husband made becasue she kept winking at us...:-)
Comment 4 by cabana7
AWESOME User Icon on 2009-05-11

Remarks They are a great company with excellent customer service... They actually will help your FICO score...

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